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Improvised Munitions Handbook

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Improvised Munitions Handbook

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Product Description


The Improvised Munitions Handbook is the definitive go-to guide for the construction of improvised weapons and artillery. A technical manual created by the United States Army for the U.S. Special Forces, this handbook teaches how fabricate weaponry using a variety of household goods, basic tools, and easy to access materials. From small arms to hand grenades, the Handbook is the authoritative reference on improvised weapons crafting.

Table of Contents:
Section 0 — Introduction

  • 0.1 Purpose and Scope
  • 0.2 Safety and Reliability
  • 0.3 User Comments

Section 1 — Explosives and Propellants (including igniters)

  • 1.1 Plastic Explosive Filler
  • 1.2 Potassium Nitrate
  • 1.3 Improvised Black Powder
  • 1.4 Nitric Acid
  • 1.5 Initiator for Dust Explosions
  • 1.6 Fertilizer Explosive
  • 1.7 Carbon Tet – Explosive
  • 1.8 Fertilizer AN-Al Explosive
  • 1.9 “Red or White Powder” Propellant
  • 1.10 Nitric Acid/Nitrobenzene (“Hellhoffite”) Explosive
  • 1.11 Optimized Process for Cellulose/Acid Explosives
  • 1.12 Methyl Nitrate Dynamite
  • 1.13 Urea Nitrate Explosive
  • 1.14 Preparation of Copper Sulfate (Pentahydrate)
  • 1.15 Reclamation of RDX from C4
  • 1.16 TACC (Tetramminecopper (II) Chlorate)
  • 1.17 HMTD
  • 1.18 Potassium or Sodium Nitrite and Litharge (Lead Monoxide)
  • 1.19 DDNP
  • 1.20 Preparation of Lead Picrate
  • 1.21 Preparation of Picric Acid from Aspirin
  • 1.22 Double Salts
  • 1.23 Sodium Chlorate
  • 1.24 Mercury Fulminate1.25 Sodium Chlorate and Sugar or Aluminum Explosive

Section 2 — Mines and Grenades

  • 2.1 Pipe Hand Grenade
  • 2.2 Nail Grenade
  • 2.3 Wine Bottle Cone Charge
  • 2.4 Grenade-Tin Can Land Mine
  • 2.5 Mortar Scrap Mine
  • 2.6 Coke Bottle Shaped Charge
  • 2.7 Cylindrical Cavity Shaped Charge
  • 2.8 Not Available
  • 2.9 Funnel Shaped Charge
  • 2.10 Linear Shaped Charge

Section 3 — Small Arms Weapons and Ammunition

  • 3.1 Pipe Pistol for 9 mm Ammunition
  • 3.2 Shotgun (12 gauge)
  • 3.3 Shotshell Dispersion Control
  • 3.4 Carbine (7.62 mm Standard Rifle Ammunition)
  • 3.5 Reusable Primer
  • 3.6 Pipe Pistol for .45 Caliber Ammunition
  • 3.7 Match Gun
  • 3.8 Rifle Cartridge
  • 3.9 Pipe Pistol for .38 Caliber Ammunition
  • 3.10 Pipe Pistol for .22 Caliber Ammunition — Long or Short Cartridge
  • 3.11 Low Signature System

Section 4 — Mortars and Rockets

  • 4.1 Recoilless Launcher
  • 4.2 Shotgun Grenade Launcher
  • 4.3 Grenade Launcher (57 mm Cardboard Container)
  • 4.4 Fire Bottle Launcher
  • 4.5 Grenade Launchers
  • 4.6 60 mm Mortar Projectile Launcher

Section 5 — Incendiary Devices

  • 5.1 Chemical Fire Bottle
  • 5.2 Igniter from Book Matches
  • 5.3 Mechanically Initiated Fire Bottle5.4 Gelled Flame Fuels
  • 5.4.1 Lye Systems
  • 5.4.2 Lye-Alcohol Systems
  • 5.4.3 Soap-Alcohol System
  • 5.4.4 Egg White Systems
  • 5.4.5 Latex Systems
  • 5.4.6 Wax Systems
  • 5.4.7 Animal Blood Systems
  • 5.5 Acid Delay Incendiary
  • 5.6 Improvised White Flare
  • 5.7 Improvised Iron Oxide
  • 5.8 Improvised Yellow Flare
  • 5.9 Improvised White Smoke Munition
  • 5.10 Improvised Black Smoke Munition

Section 6 — Fuses, Detonators & Delay Mechanisms

  • 6.1 Electric Bulb Initiator
  • 6.2 Fuse Igniter from Book Matches
  • 6.3 Delay Igniter from Cigarette
  • 6.4 Watch Delay Timer
  • 6.5 No-Flash Fuse Igniter
  • 6.6 Dried Seed Timer
  • 6.7 Fuse Cords
  • 6.7.1 Fast Burning Fuse
  • 6.7.2 Slow Burning Fuse
  • 6.8 Clothespin Time Delay Switch
  • 6.9 Time Delay Grenade
  • 6.10 Can-Liquid Time Delay
  • 6.11 Short Term Time Delay for Grenade
  • 6.12 Long Term Time Delay for Grenade
  • 6.13 Detonator

Section 7 — Miscellaneous

  • 7.1 Clothespin Switch
  • 7.2 Mousetrap Switch
  • 7.3 Flexible Plate Switch
  • 7.4 Metal Ball Switch7.5 Altimeter Switch
  • 7.6 Pull-Loop Switch
  • 7.7 Knife Switch
  • 7.8 Improvised Scale
  • 7.9 Rope Grenade Launching Technique
  • 7.10 Bicycle Generator Power Source
  • 7.11 Automobile Generator Power Source
  • 7.12 Improvised Battery (Short Lasting)
  • 7.13 Improvised Battery (2 Hour Duration)
  • 7.14 Armor Materials

Appendix 1 — Primary High Explosives

  • A1.1 Mercury Fulminate
  • A1.2 Lead Styphnate
  • A1.3 Lead Azide
  • A1.4 DDNP

Appendix 2 — Secondary High Explosives

  • A2.1 TNT
  • A2.2 Nitrostarch
  • A2.3 Tetryl
  • A2.4 RDX
  • A2.5 Nitroglycerin
  • A2.6 Commercial Dynamite
  • A2.7 Military Dynamite
  • A2.8 Amatol
  • A2.9 PETN
  • A2.10 Blasting Gelatin
  • A2.11 Composition B
  • A2.12 Composition C4
  • A2.13 Ammonium Nitrate


  • C.1 Version History
  • C.1.1 Version 1.0 (1969)
  • C.1.2 Version 2.0 (1970s)
  • C.1.3 Version 3.0 (2007 – Thanks-to-Feinstein's Electronic Edition)


Additional Information

Additional Information

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