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Liberty Ammo Silverado 223 REM 55GR Zoom

Liberty Ammo Silverado 223 REM 55GR HP, 20-Pack

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Liberty Ammo Silverado 223 REM 55GR HP, 20-Pack

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Product Description


Liberty Ammunition’s .223 Rem Rifle Ammo Lead Free is a 55 grain deep cavity hollow point. With up to 9 fragmenting pieces, this lead free rifle ammo is sure to do the job it is meant to do. The first offering in that product line is a .223 Rem Rifle Ammo Lead Free high performance hunting round that could easily outperform some of the .30 caliber hunting ammunition. The Silverado combines velocity with a high degree of fragmentation to provide impressive terminal ballistics. External ballistic performance is as impressive as any of the sniper rounds on the market. The Silverado .223 Rem Rifle Ammo Lead Free, chronos at over 3000 fps. The Silverado .223 is slightly longer, overall, than a standard .223 round, but it will feed in any quality AR magazine. Silverado .223 is a sub-MOA performer. It exhibits virtually no vertical dispersion when fired which confirms a consistent burn rate and velocity. Liberty Ammunition is placing its Silverado line as a hunting load and in that space it is inarguably exceptional. It works extremely well as a tactical round delivering both lethality and superb accuracy.


  • Caliber: 223 Remington
  • Grain: 55 Gr.
  • Rounds: 20
  • Type: Lead Free HP Fragmenting
  • Reloadable: Yes
  • Velocity: 3000 fps


Liberty Ammo Silverado 223 REM 55GR

Liberty Ammo Silverado 223 REM 55GR Liberty Ammo Silverado 223 REM 55GR

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU LASC223018
UPC 0696859105647
Manufacturer Liberty
Type No
Action Type No
Barrel Length N/A
Capacity N/A
Finish N/A
Overall Length N/A
Safety N/A
Sight N/A
Grips N/A
Number of Mags N/A
Price $23.99
Available for In-Store Pickup Yes
Bin Number No


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