Fox 13 is reporting today, Kristine Kirk, a Denver resident was shot to death by her husband, who was apparently hallucenating and became dangerous enough for her to call 911.  What followed was 13 minutes of Mrs. Kirk pleading with the 911 operator to get help there fast.


She and her husband kept firearms in the house, properly locked in a safe, but even in his stupor, he was able to open the safe and fire one shot to her head, killing her instantly.   What we don't understand is the long response time.  Was the DPD taking her seriously?  Are they overwealmed right now due to the legalization of pot and the myriad calls they are getting from people over-dosing on edible pot products(there have been hundreds across the state)?  Was it just a case of the 911 operator not taking the victim seriously? 


No matter the reason, in a large city like Denver, Chicago, LA, and elsewhere, the police departments are stretched thin due to dwindling budgets, and broke city and state coffers.  Never has there been a more important time in our history as a country for our citizens to be safe.  And while violent crime has been on the decline over the last 20 years, that trend is bound to turn the other direction the worse the economy gets here and abroad.  We share our prayers and condolences for the Kirk family in this time when they have lost two family members. 


We also urge all of our readers, if you have a family member or a friend who is showing signs of decreased mental capacity, get guns out of their reach immediately.  You will probably save their lives, and you may just save your own.  We continue to stress gun safety first, and foremost and we will continue to do so.