Chipotle became the latest Anti-Second Amendment business to come out swinging against yours and my rights.  But, lets look at this in a logical way.  I won't bash them, it's their business what they allow in their business.  But, my job is to inform you about what's new in the world of the Second Amendment, and to encourage you to be safe gun owners. 

This is one of those times when I have to yell from the rooftops about a place where you will be a sitting duck.  This is a time when I tell you about all the mass killings that have taken place in so-called "gun free zones".  And this is where I tell you, as I always do about anti 2A businesses, I will never frequent their establishment-EVER.


You see, I am a well trained firearms handler/owner.  I have been trained by government, and private sector firearms instructors who taught me that without my gun, I am ostensibly naked.   When I leave my home without my gun, I feel naked, unsafe, and I am never comfortable.  When I go to my kids' school for events, I wonder if there's some whack job who is looking to get on t.v. by killing a bunch of people, or who has an axe to grind with his ex-wife, and just wants to commit suicide by cop, after taking out his ex-wife and anyone close to her in the bleachers.  This is how self-defence trained individuals think.


In Illinois, I can't take my firearm to many places.  They are the very places where mass-shootings occur.  Those mass-shootings are usually done by someone using someone else's gun, a stolen gun, or one that was ill-gotten.  They aren't like you and me.  The bad guys don't follow the law.  So, I am, and you are a sitting duck when you attend events like that.  Now, these restaurants, by bowing to the rabid gun grabbers like Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand, have made their restaurants great big kill boxes.  I won't put my wife, children, or myself in that situation, ever.  I am not ready to kick my breathing habit.  I would assume you aren't either.  So, let these anti-American morons know by taking your business to 2A friendly establishments.  Continue to handle, store, and carry your firearms safely.  And by all means, spread the word to your family and friends, so they too can avoid being victims.