A long time ago the Brady Act was passed by congress, shortly after the attempted assassination of this writer's hero, Ronald Reagan, and the shooting of Reagan staffer James Brady during the assassination attempt.  The bill did a lot of good, and since then has done a lot of bad(each time they update, extend, and write in new gun-grabbing language).  You see, back then, one could get away with buying a gun ostensibly without a background check.


Today, it takes two drops of blood, an "instant background check" (if you are at a gun show in a state where you can buy and take home a gun same day), a 3-7 day waiting period depending on your state, and in states like The People's Republic of Illinois you have to have a FOID(Firearm Owners Identification Card).  So, in Illinois for instance, you have to have a FOID card, and then wait 3 days from the time you pay for the gun, to even take possession. 


There is no loophole, unless you go out to the parking lot and buy a gun out of a guy's trunk-which is lunacy, as you don't know if it was used the night before in a felony, and therefore are putting yourself in danger.  And who buys guns like that?  Yep, bad guys-not law abiding citizens.  You see, the gun-grabbing lobby, which is made up of former NYC Mayor Bloomberg and groups like "Moms Demand" are liars.  They lie to the public, and the news media, which is run by left-wing fascist gun grabbers, want the public to be terrified to leave their homes.  This type of fear tactic has been used by tyrants for centuries.  They use it to cause irrational decision making.  People are generally willing to give up their rights, willingly, when they fear for their lives. 

The fact is, it is impossible to buy a gun in America without a background check, if you are a law abiding citizen.  Buffy and Biff in Lake Forest, IL don't have access to the gang bangers on the South Side of Chicago to buy stolen guns.  So, only the bad guys buy guns without background checks.  We tax payers are happily relegated to going to Red Dot Arms in person, or online, filling out the necessary documentation, getting our "gun cards", having our background checks, because we know that we are doing our part to keep our society civil and safe.  It is the bad guys who are buing guns out of trunks, in alley-way's and from bangers who did a home invasion last night and got some hardware from an old man's safe at gunpoint. 


When Americans wake up and realize that all these gun-grabbers are doing this, not to "save the children", but to take away other iimportant rights, it will be too late.  So, when some namby-pamby gun grabbing type tells you there are loopholes, tell them they are liars.  Tell them that there are background checks upon background checks for us all to clear before we buy guns, and the only guys effected by gun-grabbing legislation are the bad guys.  Because their jobs are made much easier the more of us become disarmed sitting ducks. 

Read more at NRA-ILA about the background check myths being perpetrated by the fascist gun-grabbers.  You will be better "armed" to shoot down the claims of Moms Demand and tyrant Mike Bloomberg if you know the truth about purchasing guns in America legally.  You will also start to know the true devious intent behind the gun grabbers' goal of total disarmament of the masses.  After all, in The UK and Australia, you can now be arrested for speech "crimes".  This was impossible before the masses were fully disarmed!