The Columbus Ledger-Inquirer has a brief story concerning the pistol whipping of an innocent citizen online today.  The police say a 47 year old man minding his own business was attacked by a man with a gun.  Luckily the gun-toting thug didn't have the stones to pull the trigger, or this guy would be dead.


Instead, the robber beat the guy about the head with his pistol, causing multiple bruises and lacerations.  The robber took $200 bucks from the guy in front of his own house.   Moral of the story?  Simple, get trained and get armed.  This guy lives in Georgia-the gun laws are friendly to law abiding citizens, unlike here in Illinois, where you jump through a thousand hoops to get licensed to carry. 


If you live in a state where CCW is legal, it is your duty to get licensed and carry.  The more of us licensed in this country to carry concealed firearms, the less likely the bad guys will be to attack.  In the case of this poor bastard in Columbus, the bad guy will rob someone else, having been able to rob the victim, with little/no resistance.  Had he been armed, the bad guy would be in the hospital or morgue, and at the very least, thinking twice about robbing another victim. 

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