The State of California is of course the most backwards in our nation.  They have 15 million or so Illegal Aliens gumming up their system to the extent, that one state skews the medical costs of every other American due to non-payment of medical bills created with visits to ER's whereby the patients never pay their debt.  The state has the most business-unfriendly employment laws in the nation, also skewing costs for business owners, due to ridiculous workman's compensation laws, whereby one can't run a business in California without carrying ridiculous and profit draining insurance.  There's more,  but that's not what I'm here to talk about.


The state, which already allows local sheriffs to disallow concealed carry permits on whims, and which has one of the highest violent crime rates in the country, is about to make it almost impossible for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.  Before the legislature is a law that will be voted into law, forcing gun owners into registration cards, background checks, and more, just to buy ammo for guns they own.  The law when passed will force Californians to apply for unconstitutional ammo purchase registration cards, akin to the unconstitutional FOIDs we must purchase in Illinois, only for ammunition.  Additionally, there's a requirement for them to notify the California DoJ when making ammo purchases.  The law will of course disallow any California resident from purchasing ammo online, restricting their ability to buy affordable ammo.  The whole law will add a new layer of cost for gun owners.  Their goal is obviously to sweat them out, and eventually no one owns guns......except the gangbangers who have made California one of the highest crime states in the union.


As a proponent for gun ownership by law abiding citizens, this pisses me off.  Illinois residents in poor neighborhoods cannot afford to go through the process of FOID, Training, licensure, and purchase of guns/ammo.  Now Californians in the same financial position will be disallowed the ability to protect themselves, their families, and their property too.  If you've never been to LA, or Oakland, you may not realize just what a war zone California is.  So, I'll tell you.  It is a war zone.  The gangs in LA shoot the place up daily.  The gangs in Oakland, Fullerton, and elsewhere do so up north too.  The law abiding citizen in California is relegated to a total inability to protect himself, due to their onerous licensing laws already.  Now it will be even more difficult.  More good citizens will die.  This is all in the name of the cause of total confiscation of guns from American Citizens.  And this my friends should scare you. 

There is not now, nor has there ever been a time when it was wise for the government to know our every move.  The great equalizer (Second Amendment) exists to keep the government on their toes, and to keep them honest in the execution of their duty to lay off our god given rights.  Laws like this are in place for them to remove our god given rights.  The Bill of Rights does not denote the rights government grants us.  It enumerates the rights that we were born with.  It is the law of the land.  So, why does government believe they can stomp the bill of rights into the ground?  Mob rules, that's why.  The gun grabbers believe they live in a Democracy.  They even say it all the time.  Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama all state regularly that we live in a Democracy.  We do not now, nor have we ever lived in a Democracy.  Our nation was founded on the principles of Democratic Republican government.  A Democratic Republic guarantees you and I representation in the decisions made on our behalf.  California is an example of where mob rule (Democracy) has taken hold.  The people are not equally represented-and they are going to pay dearly for that.

The whole story on this Constitutional pissing can be read at NRA-ILA.  I suggest if you care about your rights, you get involved.  This will spread beyond California.  In fact, right here in Illinois, they are surreptitiously working on bills far worse than this one, to strip your right to self defense.  Get on it.  Write your rep, your senator, and donate to NRA.  They are all that stands between us and full on registration similar to that which Hitler pulled off.  Who do you think these gun grabbers will scapegoat given the chance-Liberals who give them money, or gun owners who fight them at every turn?  Time is of the essence and your freedom is calling.