For years, Chicago residents were sitting ducks to the gang bangers' criminal whims.  In fact, until just recently, a law abiding citizen coudn't own a handgun and live in city limits.  And though it is now legal to own a handgun and keep it inside Chicago's borders, and there is a concealed carry law, Chicago is still a crime zone which most would rather escape than visit and take in some theatre and a steak.


Why is this?  Why is Chicago a bloodbath of this magnitude every weekend it isn't below freezing?  I'll tell you why-and the reason is going to make you sick.  It is said, one can buy a gun on the street for a couple hundred bucks in most big cities.  And in Chicago, with all the illegal guns on the streets(ill gotten guns obtained primarily through burglary), its a free fire zone.  the bangers all have them.  And in most states where CCW laws have been on the books for even a short time, crime is down.  But here, it is so difficult and so expensive to get through the training, get your CCL paperwork submitted and then a local PD can shoot down your application if they see fit. 

In Chicago, don't look for Gary McCarthy to approve of all the CCL applications that cross his desk.  He's a strong proponent of gun control. He's a strong proponent of disarming all citizens.  After all, he actually thinks the guns used by all the gang bangers and felons are bought through normal means as you or I would buy them.  SO, where the most dense population in the State of Illinois resides, its most difficult, impossible in fact, for the largest demographic in the city to buy and carry a gun.  

Poor people in Chicago, stuck in the neighborhoods where most of the bangers operate, are not financially able to buy and carry a gun.  The cost is prohibitive.  Let's do the math:  Gun $250 bucks + tax(for an inexpensive one), ammo $25 bucks, CCL Class, $300 bucks(including range/ammo and transportation) and $150 to send off to the state with your application.   You are north of $700 dollars and that doesn't include the Chicago ammo taxes, and the tax they hit you with at the end of the year for having a handgun.


This law was designed to make it impossible for most people to own and carry guns lawfully in Illinois.  This is the reason all the folks in Chicago know what it is like to live in Beiruit, Lebanon.  This is where the politicians in Illinois turned their backs on the voters who continue to elect them, even though they continue to allow gang bangers to use them for target practice.  I'm not going to get really political here, but the Second Amendment is supposed to apply to all, not just those wealthy enough to afford the ridiculous costs of owning and carrying a gun in Illinois. 


Until the law is changed for the better, look for a summer of 50, 60, 70 shootings each weekend.  Its been a cold spring here, and the shooting hasn't even begun to get big.  I would suggest to the powers that be in The Land of Lincoln, they give the same freedoms to the folks in the inner city as they do to those driving Porsches and Benzes on the norh shore and make gun ownership and the carrying of concealed weapons, otherwise change the name not to sully Abraham Lincoln's good name.


And if you want to read about the carnage here, NBC5 has it one their website-and here's the video: