I've lived in Chicago off and on since 8th grade.  The city is a magnificent place, with some of the tallest skyscrapers on earth, one of the last 3 free zoos in the world, and beaches right downtown.  The museums are second only to The Smithsonian, and our sports teams are some of the best(well, the Cubs try anyway).  But there is another distinction that plagues the city and is one most of us would rather not have-the violent crime and murder rates are some of the highest in the world.

Most people wonder why in a city like this, the authorities wouldn't allow law abiding citizens to own firearms.  I lived in within the city limits when handguns were outlawed, and leading up to the change in the CCW laws in Illinois.  I felt naked.  I felt alone.  I felt unsafe.  In fact, it wasn't until a Supreme Court Case that handguns were allowed in the city, and a subsequent Supreme Court Case that forced Illinois-the last hold out State, who didn't allow CCW's at all.  Well, those days are over, and I would expect that a lot of folks living in Chicago-proper are lining up for CCW classes(required to gain licensure), and I am sure that will continue for a long time. 

Of course, Illinois lawmakers made damn sure that most normal citizens could not afford to acquire a handgun and a license to carry, by forcing a $300+ class, and by making the application process high tech, requiring digital signature, and even more dough to apply for the license after jumping the five hurdles in front of the actual submission of their paperwork.  But, for those able to save some money, buy a gun, ammo, take the class, and pay for application, there is now full adherence to the Second Amendment by our state, and you can protect your family, property, and yourself. 

Many don't live to see that day, and this is a case of just one of many this year who have already paid the ultimate price.   In this case, an armed robber shot and killed a convenience store clerk, for nothing.  Then he shot another guy in the neck, from behind.  If the first guy who paid with his life had possessed a CCW, this may not be any more of a story where a bad-guy got his, but it isn't.  Two families are now living in terror, one having to bury their patriarch, and one praying for the recovery of their loved one, brutally gunned down, for a few measley bucks.

Chicago will never bee free of violent crime, nor will the rest of Illinois.   But rest assured, the crime rate will fall rapidly when bad-guys start having their demands for money met with the receiving end of a CCW holder's PDW!  I wish the individuals in this article would have had the opportunity to defend themselves, but I am glad this animal won't be out on the street terrorizing and murdering others.  I suspect these families are considering CCWs, and I hope they are given the same peace of mind I have when I leave my home and my business, knowing I am fully trained, and able to defend myself from the same kind of terrorists!  

Apply for your CCW and take the class with us at Red Dot Arms.  Don't let yourself be caught in the same situation as these victims.  Your family deserves to have you around!