The Chicago Sun Times, a far-left newspaper has this nifty shooting tracker, built into their website now, so that you and I can watch the horror show of living in Chicago-proper.   The Bad guys have lots of guns, and they have the intent to use them on eachother, and on any innocent by-stander who happens to be in their kill-box! 

Every weekend, we watch the news here, hoping not to hear of another child hit by a stray bullet, or a grandmother walking her grandchild to the corner for ice cream, or a baby in a stroller.  Sometimes we hear of bullets going through front doors, hitting folks in bed, its absolute carnage.  It's sad.  It's sick.  It's all the fault of legal gun owners if you listen to the Mayor, his Chief of Police, or the gun grabbers down-state who want to further disarm those of us who are responsible, who have been through all the hoops they put in front of us to own guns. 

We have our FOID cards(Firearm Owners ID), we have our training($200-$500 depending on where you get it), submitted our CCW Application with another $150 bucks, and so on.  But we are the ones they are after.  We are the ones McCarthy, Rahm Emmanuel's Police Chief says need to be disarmed.  Yes, you read that-he wants to disarm us, while the bangers and their warehouses full of stolen guns stay on the streets.


Well, check out this Sun Times murder tracker.  This will enlighten you as to the necessity of any/all Illinoians gun ownership.  This proves that all the gun control laws in the world won't stop the bad guys from shooting everything that moves.  And moreover proves that we who aren't criminals, all must be armed, if we are to protect ourselves from the scourge of crime in Chicagoland.  This is kind of gross if you ask me, but it is also a necessary tool to use if you are planning a trip to the city.  Don't go where the concentration of murders occur.  And don't go there without your CCW piece (or two), because judging by this sign, the violence is spreading.  It will continue to spread.  They (the politicians) don't want it to stop, because it is most of their argument for gun control.  Without all the bangers and drug dealers murdering eachother, our State would be relatively violent-crime free.  And that would kill the gun-grabbing overnight!


If you are in Illinois, get training at Red Dot Arms-Get your CCW-Don't be a victim!