Did you know that we can notify you when the gun you want comes in?  We are all about customer service at Red Dot Arms, and we never share your information with outside organizations.  So, if you see a gun we sell that's out of stock, simply click on the "notify me" link and create an account.  We'll not only notify you, but you will be more likely to get the gun, as they are first come-first served in the store.  So, even if you are a local customer, if you fill out the internet form, you will be pushed to the beginning of the line. 


That said, the new Armscor/Rock Island Armory 1911-A2 Tactical 2011 22 TCM 5" Full Size is coming this fall.  But, if you want a .22TCM sooner, the mid-sized 1911 chambered in same comes out tomorrow, and happens to be our deal of the day.  These are must-have guns if you are a regular shooter.  You get the comfort and ease of trigger pull of a 1911 in a .22 TCM which has nearly identical ballistics to the FNS 5.7 X 28.  This thing is a beast.  Its a great PDW, and there are more offerings in ammo for these bad boys every day, though they are only manufactured by Armscor/Rock Island Armory.


This beauty has the Armscor/Rock Island Armory proprietary .22 TCM Round which has nearly identical ballistics to the FNH created 5.7 X 28.  Roughly 2000 fps and amazing ballistics.  We carry the midsized weapon in the same chamber now at Red Dot Arms and just may have a special coming on it in the near future, for you "weekend warriors", check back on Saturday for the goods. 

In the mean time, if you want this gun when it arrives this fall, go here and enter in all of your info to be notified via email when they arrive.  There is an "alarm bell" next to "Notify me via email" and we'll add you to the list of impatiently waiting gun enthusiasts ready for their Amscor .22 TCM full sized 1911!   And remember, we never share or sell your information.  We strictly adhere to a policy of no sharing of personal information.  After all, we believe that in the practice of our Second Amendment rights, our personal security is obviously our first concern, as is yours.