In Texas, you'd have to be a complete moron to be an armed robber.  After all, how many people in Texas don't have guns-1 maybe 2?  At any rate, criminals are never brain surgeons, so this story should come as no surprise.  In this case, the mron in question entered an apartment where quite a few people were hanging out enjoying a Saturday night. 

While the bad guy held the group at gunpoint, one of them, evidently the lessee of the apartment reached between the cushions of the couch he was sitting on and drew down on the assailant, killing him on the spot.   Good guys 2, bad guys zero for today(so far). 


The news story doesn't mention if the guy sprayed and prayed, or if he was a great shot and dropped the target with one round.  But the good news, the victims are all safe, and cops say the shooter will be released, and the case will be reviewed by a grand jury, as most do in Texas.


Again, we're glad to know that the only casualty was a bad guy and we of course encourage you all to get trained and get armed.  You don't want me to be writing about your victimization some day, here on this blog!