Once in a while a bad guy gets away with a crime.  Once in a while, they get caught by the cops.  More often these days, they get got by a homeowner with a gun, or a family member with a gun.  This guy lived to do another crime when he couldn't get through the front door.  He's lucky, cause this gun-savvy teenager was ready to spray and pray. 


As a parent, I hope my kids are this brave when they reach their teens.  In Illinois, I can't really train them in firearms use, as getting on a range without a FOID is impossble for them, but they know how to use my 9 and if I am incapacitated, they can protect me, themselves and their mother.  This young lady is the epitome of a safe gun user, as is evidenced in this video where she demonstrates proper firearms handling for the news crew from ABC 13


Here's the video from ABC 13 News: