Paris Ainsworth was nearly killed recently when her attackers shot her four times.  Just as she was getting out of her car, some bad guys approached and she realized then, she needed her .45 at the ready.  Boy oh boy was she right.   Unfortunately the bad guy saw her reach for her piece and blazed away at her, knowing he had happened on a woman who refused to be a victim, and was armed with a cannon.


After getting hit, she got mad and that's when she fired, and fired a bunch.  She wounded both would be bandits and they were later arrested at a hospital (where you know they couldn't provide their Obamacare cards for treatment).  She on the other hand went to a neighbor's house and waited for paramedics to arrive. 


Ainsworth's siblings are calling her Rambo.  We would just call her lucky-lucky the bad guy was a lousy shot, and was evidently not using a big gun, as she was hit four times and lived to tell the tale.  Ainsworth is no stranger to being a victim of violent crime, having been pistol-whipped a decade or so ago.  But nowadays, she refuses to sit by while the city of Detroit turns to the wild west-she has a gun, and evidently is not afraid to use it. 


Message to bad guys: You never know who is armed.  Those of us who are, will not be your victims-and we will shoot you where you stand, should you commit life threatening acts of violence against us.  This is our right.  This is our duty.  This is the end of your reign of terror in the streets of America.  We are fighting back.  Paris AInsworth is our hero of the week, for standing up and being counted.  She is a brave woman, one I'd be glad to have as my neighbor!