I left Detroit when I was a kid.  I've been back for a funeral and a wedding.  I won't go back-EVER.  Why wouldn't I want to visit my home town?  Because it is a giant sewer.  There are miles of vacant houses.  Most businesses have moved out.  And the crime (violent crime) has gotten so bad, they are calling it Carjack City now.  If you read me, I've written about shootings in Detroit many times.  I will many, many more times.  It is a criminal's utopia.  Many Michiganders haven't taken advantage of the CCW licensing available, and they are getting carjacked with great frequency in the city.


So, what do you do to avoid it?  You carry your CCW piece, and have it showing when you are going into a store, pumping gas, or doing anything else while in Detroit.  Best move is to avoid the city all together, if you have a breathing addiction!  Either way, if you live there and you aren't armed 24/7, you are absolutely insane.  Here's the story from Fox-Officials are blaming the increase in carjacking on improved vehicle security systems.  In other words, the bad guys, being uneducated morons can't bust into cars anymore, so they need you behind the wheel to be able to make the car drive.   Its a sad state of affairs when criminals are too stupid to hot-wire a car anymore right?


Don't look for this to go away.  As more businesses go away, and the city slides further and further into the financial abyss, the city is not patrolled enough by cops.  In fact, last year, the Police Chief there encouraged everyone to go buy guns!   That is when you have a big problem, when the top-cop throws his hands up and suggests people gun-up, cause he can't control the bad guys in his city.  

Yes, after 720 carjackings in Detroit last year alone, you can count on this year showing an increase.  The bad guys don't move out-they just spread out, so look at the burbs seeing an uptick in violent crime as the criminals run out of targets inside Detroit and head out to St. Claire Shores and Gross Pointe to steal some Benzes, Bentleys, and Porsches for the real score.  Meantime, say a prayer for Detroit's few remaining law-abiding residents.  They are going to need divine intervention if they aren't going to end up on slabs!  That, or a lot of guns to put the criminals where they belong-on slabs themselves!  Don't look for it to improve in Detroit either.  The city is run by the very people who put it in bankruptcy.   It will get worse and worse.  I'll keep you posted on the carjacking, murder, and of course hero of the week numbers as more citizens gun up and take their safety into their own hands!


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