Okay, okay, I know you are thinking of course this will be a favorable review, he owns the gun, but I'll approach this as a guy who's been a "Glock guy" since the early 1990's.  That way, I'm not biased, and I'll keep my credibility.


I chose this gun based on reviews I've read.  The most impactful was on Guns.com last November.  I liked the idea of low recoil, as I have severe arthritis in my hands, and it hurts to shoot anything that kicks like a mule-even a 9 with higher recoil.  So, this was a natural interest.  


I found right off the bat, I loved the feel of the gun.  It came with multiple backstraps, so it was "customized" to my hands, which is not soemthing you can do with all the polymer guns on the market today.  So to start, this gun is really good for almost anyone, with small hands like me, or larger hands, you can add or remove girth to the grip. Additionally, it comes with three seventeen round magazines.  I wouldn't carry two extras, cause that would get a bit heavy, but having one in the safe at home, loaded with RIP, and two for the streets with hollow points, you cover just about all scenarios. 


 The recoil was everything the review from November promised.  It pushes almost straight back, because of barrel placement (low) and the other engineering on this pistol.  It did push a bit left, as you can see on my target, but I adjusted my grip for that, and wen't back right, and was in the kill zone the rest of the day.  This gun is easy on the follow-through.  I put rounds exactly where they belonged.  The sites are great, and you can order it with standard white dots or with tritium.  Site picture was easy to make, and damned if I didn't shoot as well rapidly as I did taking my time. Lastly, with all the rounds I ran through this gun today, I didn't have a single jam or misfeed, running standard 115 grain FMJ ammo.


If you are a Glock or a Springfield guy (like my colleagues at Red Dot Arms, you will love this gun.  The trigger is a bit stiffer than the Glock 17 & 19, but only by a hair.  I found it to be more ergonomically fitting than the Springfield XD's and just felt better in my hands than both of the above.  Everyone has different hands, so its a preference thing as far as the grip, but all in all, I have to say the FNS is my new favorite.  The sites are beveled on the corners to prevent snagging when carrying concealed, and its roughly the same size as the Glock 19.  A comfortable gun, a great shooter, and one that is my new first choice for carry. 


FNH has created another legend in this firearm.  My next purchase will be the FNX Tactical .45 which is not one for concealed carry unless you are really big and can conceal something so large, but none the less, as impressed as I am with my new FNS, I'll be buying more FNH products!


If you are ready for a new CCW pistol, contact Red Dot Sales today and order your FNS.  You will not regret the purchase.