Mitchell Large, a not too smart guy, and obviously impaired was shot by three residents of a home in Winter Haven, FL today.  This brain surgeon was in the very wrong place to do a home invasion.  It started out as what appeared to be a simple burglary.  He was jiggling the French doors in a home when one of the occupants drew his CCW weapon and fired a shot in an attempt to scare off the Large, who wasn't fazed by the gunshot. 

The occupant went to the kitchen where his parents (both armed too) were having their morning coffee, and that is when the shooting began.  Large, who must have been on some strong drugs, or needed more so badly he was willing to enter a home that he knew was occupied by at least one armed person, charged the three, all of whom drew down on him and went on a spray and pray mission.  At least one bullet struck strong, who evidently bled out before the paramedics could arrive.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our idiot of the week winner.  And we have a lesson here for all would be burglars or home invaders here in Illinois.  There are a lot of people going through the Red Dot Arms training and through training with other facilities state wide.  In fact, over the weekend, the first incidence of a shooting by a licensed CCL holder in Illinois occurred in the Austin neighborhood on the south west side of Chicago.  People in almost every state are now able to exercise fully their God given right to keep and bear arms.  And they are carrying those guns.  Your attempt to commit a crime could have deadly consequences.  So, before you go do a home invasion, or armed robbery, ask yourself if it is worth the risk-the guy at the other end of your crime spree may be one of the Red Dot Arms graduates, and I've watched many of them shoot-they are quite accurate! 

If you are a resident in a state that borders us here in Northern Illinois, come take the IL CCW Class, so you can be eligible to carry across the country in as many as 39 states.  We want everyone to be educated to the extent we achieve here at RDA, and we want you all to be safe in this type of situation too.  A CCW graduate of our IL class is eligible for Florida CCW and almost 40 other states.  Not only that, but you can come back and take the same class, every year to brush up on your skills and the basics, and its free!  Just pay the range and ammo cost.  We encourage all our graduates to come back often.  It never hurts to be reminded of safety.  Experienced shooters love our advanced classes too.  We teach everything from proper cover, to low-light fighting, defense inside the home, and beyond.  Make Red Dot your first stop for firearms training and gear!  This Tavor would be a perfect home defense plan!