The Federal Government Is Buying More Hollow Points For Target Practice?


In recent years, Homeland Security, The Social Security Administration, and other arms of the Federal Government with security and law enforcement arms have been buying up ammo-so much so that there were shortages nationwide.  Some areas are still feeling the shortages and literally everyone is wondering why the G needs billions of rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition?  Lets face it, even with the way our government wastes money, hollow points are just too darn expensive to use for TP/Qualifying.  Oddly, the United States Postal Service has gotten in on the major ammo buying, and Newsmax had this to say about it:


"It's not just the USPS that is stocking up on ammo.

A little more than a year ago, the Social Security Administration put in a request for 174,000 rounds of ".357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow-point" bullets.

Before that, it was the Department of Agriculture requesting 320,000 rounds. More recently, the Department of Homeland Security raised eyebrows with its request for 450 million rounds — at about the same time the FBI separately sought 100 million hollow-point rounds.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also requested 46,000 rounds."


So, at the risk of sounding like conspiracy theorists, we just want to know what the government needs with nearly 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition?  Are they trying to keep it off the streets?  Are they trying to keep you and me from having the ammo of choice for home defense?  I would think they would buy up all the cheap stuff-the FMJ rounds we use for TP would be the best way to keep us from arming up, because we buy that stuff in bulk.  HPs are expensive items, and most of us keep only a certain amount of them around for defense purposes. 

Now, some of the agencies when pressed for answers came back with the claim they were in fact using the HPs for target practice which is maniacal, given their 3-1 cost over FMJs.  And some of the agencies just said they provide ammo for all of their law enforcement and security personnel, which is fine, but I have a problem with buying ammo for guns who use guns for their jobs(other than military of course).  Its not our job to do so as taxpayers, in my humble opinion.


But lets examine that claim-target practice with HP rounds.  If you look at the cheapest HPs you can buy in bulk, you are looking at roughly $40 bucks for a box of the cheapest rounds (X's 50).  That times 2 billion is $1.6 billion.  However, the same ammo in FMJ will run you about $25/box of 50 rounds which gives you a cost of roughly 60% of the HPs or $875M.  Evevn the worst spend-thrift in the government couldn't pull that off.  In other words, we aren't buying that! 


Then we have to consider if the Federal Government plans on using those rounds to repel an invasion of some sort.  Given the current party in power's aversion to waterboarding, we don't think they would willingly violate the Geneva Convention and use HPs in a war.  That would be considered a war crime, no?  So that leaves us with three possibilities: 

1) They are actually wasting our tax dollars on the wrong ammo for target practice, which should anger every American, given the number of veterans living in poverty, not getting thier benefits, being foreclosed on, etc...

2) they are actually just trying to keep them from you and me, and it is again a ridiculous waste of money that would be better used on Americans' needs, rather than ideological chicanery.....

3) They plan on using them to repel foreign armies or an insurgency they think is going to happen.  This would mean they are willing to violate the Geneva Convention and use HPs against foreign armies, and they are willing to use HPs on American Citizens. 


We are at a loss as to what the various potential uses for 2 billion or so rounds of hollow point rounds could possibly be.  There are only so many federal agents, security officers, etc, who could possibly be armed.  In fact, if one takes all the federal employees combined ( 2.7 million) and distributed all the ammo among them, they would each get 7,400 rounds of ammo.  Ponder that, that is a cost of $6,000 per federal employee just for ammunition!  Now, if the government is planning on arming each one of them with a side arm, at a bulk price of $300 each, so they can shoot all those rounds, that's another $810,000.   None of it adds up. 


We'll have to sit back and wait a while to see what the actual proposed use for all that lead is.  In the mean time, if you too would like to stock up on some ammo, check out our ammo page.  We also carry the new Sig Sauer Ammunition!  In the end, it is our belief that being over prepared is never a bad idea.  And, whether you are a prepper, or a weekend plinker, we have your ammo in stock and ready to ship today!