Last week, a citizen walking from his garage to his house(many homes in Chicago have detached garages that open onto alleys behind the homes) was accosted by two armed offenders, at least one brandishing a gun.  The licensed citizen drew his gun and discharged it multiple times in the direction of the offenders, missing them both, but foiling their attempted robbery. 

Chicago Police filed no charges in the case, as the man had taken his 16 hours of training, had a valid FOID and Concealed Carry License issued by The State of Illinois.  No property was damanged, and charges were not considered.  The man, who was identified by police only by age, to protect his privacy was not interviewed by the media.

This is the first of many examples we will learn of in the coming months and years, where armed citizens who are exercising their rights under the Second Amendment, and who are following Illinois Law to the letter, are now empowered to be safe and secure in their homes and outside their homes, as they go about their business. 

Red Dot Arms provides the required training to obtain the CCL as it is called in Illinois, and given the advanced training, the Illinois CCL holder will also gain licensure in dozens of other states, through reciprocity.  The Illinois required training is far superior and far more in-depth than most states, and we encourage out of state gun owners to come to RDA to train.  You can find out on our website, and on USA Carry.  Additional states will be offering reciprocity for IL CCL's in the future, and are being added all the time.

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