Talk about being lucky to be alive-a man in Southport, FL is fighting for his life after being shot five times in his home by an intruder.  Evidently, the guy either is a heavy sleeper, or was totally unarmed.  Lets assume he was unarmed, cause no one answers the door late at night without first knowing its safe.  If the person on the other side doesn't say "Open up its the police", then you don't open the door right? 


In this poor guy's case, he opened the door, and the guy who had some kind of major beef with him, who had just slashed his tires, also had it in his head to shoot him, which he did when he couldn't push his way in the door.  This is an example of a lot of mistakes.  First, he had some kind of a beef with someone on the street, a neighbor, a road rage incident, at some point, he engaged with an unknown person, which is never a good idea.  Secondly, he answered the door.  Who does that at night?  Who in their right mind does that? 


At any rate, a number of lessons can be learned here.  First, DON'T OPEN THE DOOR AT NIGHT FOR A STRANGER!  Secondly, if you approach the door of your house at night, don't stand in front of it.   You ever see a cop stand in front of a door in the movies?  No, and they don't in real life, in case the guy on the other side is armed.  You won't see a bad guy shoot to the sides of the door-they will shoot through the door.  So, stand aside if you are dumb enough to answer the door.  And for goodness sake, DON'T LOOK THROUGH THE PEEP HOLE!  If they do have the inkling to shoot you, they will do it when they see a shadow in the peep hole of the door. 

Listen, the bottom line and the whole gist of this story is you must always be alert, even if you are awakened in the night.  Practice what you will do in all situations.  Have a safe room.  Have a plan.  It just may save you from being shot five times through your front door like this poor bastard!  These scenarios and more are often covered in self defense classes, defense in the home, etc, all of which you can take at Red Dot Arms, or of you aren't our neighbor, at a training facility near you!  Do it.  And make sure you are there for your family tomorrow!