You know how much we love to read about the good guys winning the day.  Well, in Houston yesterday a good guy with a concealed weapon stopped a purse snatching that was about to end in violence as the victim was being dragged across a parking lot by the perpetrators' car. 

As you can see in the video, the woman was attacked in broad daylight.  The criminals were quite brazen, and she held onto her purse, which in the video was about to cost her her life, or at the very least serious bodily injury from being dragged down the pavement at get-away speeds by the perps. 




Just then, a good samaritan with a sidearm approached the bad guys, gun drawn and pointing at them.  The crime came to an abrupt hault.  The small-time criminals lost their nerve , stopped fleeing and ended up prone on the pavement waiting for the cops to arrive-and probably praying they got there before this guy went with frontier justice! 

Moral of the story-simple, you never know who is armed, especially in Texas!  Who is dumb enough to do crime in Texas?  These guys obviously, but why are criminals that dumb?  Everyone should be considered armed in states where CCW/CCL laws are in place.  More and more states have more and more savvy citizens who are getting trained, arming themselves.  We like to see crime stopped, although we don't suggest you act in this way.  Its a good way to get killed.  If the criminals are armed too, you've just started a gunfight.  Its a lot safer to observe and report to the cops-but in a pinch, if you're armed and you make that call, I suggest ducking down behind their door a bit, so you are a smaller target! 


It ended well.  Criminals went to jail and the victim kept her belongings.  Good guys 1, bad guys 0.   No one knows who the good samaritan is, but there's one person who will never forget him-make that 3, cause the bad guys will most certainly never forget his face, as it was right behind a hand cannon pointing at their heads!