Recently the NRA released a pretty comprehensive list of organizations and “celebrities” who support gun control. It is a long list, and includes the usual suspects-doctors groups, lefty organizations who are on-board with total government control, and a long list of actors, producers, directors, etc., all of whom at one time or another have been in ultra-violent productions, or regularly produce and act in them.


Now, I don’t begrudge anyone their opinion, unless they are out to “fundamentally change America,” are total hypocrites, or are just ignorant. Most of the folks on that list fall in one of those categories, so to them all, I say NUTS. In fact, I say if you don’t like our country, get the hell out of it. Move to Great Britain, where guns are totally illegal. Just remember the UK is the most violent nation in the entire EU. One has pretty limited options when trying to escape violence, and that list of options gets very small if you are trying to find a less violent nation than our own.


But the real point of this article is a little simpler. If you look at that list, most of the entrants are far more well off than the average Joe like you or I. In fact, the celebrities all make millions. The large organizations like groups of physicians, lobbyists, and politicians all make bank, through regular income, insider trading if you are on Capitol Hill or are a lobbyist, etc. And therein lies the real rub.


Anyone with a bunch of dough can afford to build or buy a very secure home, in a gated community, or install a state-of-the-art security system. Furthermore, many of them have security of their own. The celebrities in Hollywood are well known for having bodyguards, all of whom are fully strapped with the very Glocks and Sig Sauers they want you and I to relinquish. They can afford it. We peons who live among the rest of the unwashed masses usually can’t afford the $500 to install a security system and the additional $50.00 a month to have it monitored. And realistically, a security system is not much of a deterrent. In fact, by the time your alarm going off lights up a keyboard and computer screen at the security company’s call center in Anytown U.S.A., and they call your local police, a bad-guy can be in and out of your house, having put a bullet in your temple and be in the wind. The cops get there just in time to draw a chalk outline around your body and hold a less-than-sincere press conference.


Furthermore, the celebrities, and other multimillionaires with their $300/hr bodyguards, have nothing to fear. They live in gated communities with roving armed guards, and their bodyguards often live with them, in their homes. When glass breaks in the middle of the night, they have a seven foot tall, ex-marine operator checking the perimeter, often armed with multiple firearms, and the cops will likely show up at Lisa Kudrow’s or Alec Baldwin’s house a lot faster than yours or mine.


So, when these fabulously rich people start talking about disarming me, who lives in the Peoples Republic of Illinois, where we have a million-strong Illegal Alien population, and a severe heroin, crack, and meth problem, I take umbrage. In fact, I get downright angry. I don’t have fawning police stopping by my house to make sure I am okay, as Sean Penn or Ellen DeGeneres probably does. I don’t have LA County Sheriffs Deputies escorting me in and out of traffic court like Lindsay Lohan does. I am alone. I am my own protector and the sole defense for my family if a crack head from the next town over decides he is going to do a home invasion at my house to pay for his next fix. I don’t have the luxury of having a bodyguard patrol the exterior of my home, nor do I live in a gated community that supplies armed security as so many communities where those on the list of gun control advocates do. I am, and my family are, sitting ducks, save for my firearms that I own legally, store securely, and own as a civil right. Furthermore, I know my government won’t start kicking down my door because I wrote this article, as they do often in Russia-a free country-to take away journalists and opinion writers, never to be seen again. I like many of my fellow American Citizens take my rights and duties very seriously, and know that I am the only defense my family has against armed intruders. I worked very hard for my belongings, and to provide my family such surroundings as our home.


So, I have a suggestion for all of those on the list of gun control advocates listed above. Make good and darned sure you have bodyguards. Make sure you have security at home. Because when the government disarms we citizens who legally own guns, the criminals and the government will be free to do as they see fit. And I have news-they won’t be robbing my house, they will be coming to yours! They will be looking for the big score. When Obama needs money to pay for the votes of the have-nots, he won’t be robbing my minimal savings account; he will be coming for yours! He won’t come after my paltry 401K; he’ll come for your accounts. And the crack head down the street won’t even think twice about my tiny 2500 square foot house, he will be gunning (literally) for the house on the hill, that has the $150K Mercedes AMG in the driveway, for the house of the movie star who just moved to town, and to the home of the politician who is picked up in a limo every day. That’s where the money is. And that is where the home invasions will be. You know not what you do by disarming me. You disarm the nation, and thus, you make yourselves sitting ducks. You paint targets on your fronts, backs, sides, and everything you own. If you think it can’t happen, then you need to pick up a text book, and you need to read a little more than the Huffington Post. Every nation on earth where guns have been taken from citizens is more violent, more dangerous, and more oppressed than is The United States. And the only thing between us and that fate is your support of idiocy like gun control.



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