Gun Control In America


Gun Grabbers and pretend conservatives like Rep. Peter King would all have you believe that we have a gun violence problem in this country. 

What if I were to tell you, if we took the gun violence by gang bangers in the 7 largest cities out of our national statistics, our gun violence would share a statistical dead heat with that of Sweden?  Well it would, and not only that, but if we take out the top 20 blue cities, we would have a lower gun crime rate than nearly the entire world.  Why?   Because most of our legal gun owners are responsible.  Most of them abide by the law, and by safety etiquette. 

But, right now, the lunatics of the left-wing gun grabbing sect want you and I to be unarmed, no matter what.  And this is where gun control in America is going to take an ugly turn.   These people don't care about your rights.  They don't care that the 2A is "the great equalizer" and is the ONLY thing keeping you from living under a tyrannical government.   They don't understand that the 2A was not written to protect us against each other (though it has become necessary, with the ridiculously liberal judges who don't punish rapists, murderers, and armed robbers to the full extent of the law.


At present, we enjoy the ability to say what we want, as we see fit, with the exception of yelling fire in a movie theatre, making bomb threats, etc-those are right out.   But, given our wonderfully free society, where someone from the left can call me a lunatic for believing in god, and I can call them a lunatic for being an atheist is what this country is about.  In other countries, where guns have been confiscated (UK, Australia to name a few), they actually send people to jail for speech crimes.  And in the UK they take it a step further and take people's businesses from them if they don't want to serve gays, or Muslims.  Ponder that.  Now let's discuss why that doesn't happen here(yet).  It's the guns! 


The Hollywood left are a perfect example of gun-grabbers who are willfully shooting themselves in the feet (yes, pun intended).  They make their living on the 1st Amendment.  And that only exists because of the Second.  The Second makes our government afraid of the people-which was the intent of the framers.  They knew that a government could not oppress its people, if its people had matching power to theirs.  To that end, SCOTUS agrees, and in two cases have interpreted the 2A to mean that we the people should be able to have weapons that are those in use by our government.   It had nothing to do with muskets, or cannons, and everything to do with the government knowing they couldn't ride across the land and oppress us as the British had done to the Colonies.  That equal and opposite firepower is what made America able to gain its independence. 


The gun grabbers see it differently.  They believe the government should provide for our every want/need...(though those wants will quickly be ignored by an all-powerful government, if history is to be believed).  They believe that we don't need guns, because big brother is here to help, as they have done for veterans, as the EPA has done for citizens with ponds on their property, as the forest service has done to clear fuel from fire-hazard areas, and so on.  Government is here to take from you.  Big government is about one thing-POWER.  And absolute power corrupts absolutely.  One doesn't have to look past the daily news, where one can see police actions in every state, undertaken by all-out military police forces, even in the smallest towns.  This isn't good-and this can only be equalized by you and me, and our firearms ownership.

If such a time comes where the gun confiscation has occurred, this blog will of course be against the law, as will every other publication that at all questions government authority, that questions the actions of those in power, and of course all of Hollywood will be making propaganda films only, as their ability to express themselves will disappear with our ability to protect ourselves!