ABC 11 Eye-Witness News in Raleigh, NC  is reporting today that a North Carolina restaurant with "gun-free zone" signs has been robbed-AT GUN POINT.  Now, who woulda thunk armed robberies would go down in gun free zones?  Oh yeah, ME!  As I have been saying for a long time, those little signs that are Beretta 92-FS's with red circles/lines through the guns are nothing more than an invitation to any/all bad guys to come on in, rob the place, rob the patrons, and there will be zero resistance.


In this case, it wasn't the cool Beretta sign, but you get my drift-the sign on the front of the sign says no guns, no concealed carry weapons, etc.....And we law-abiding citizens keep telling the gun-grabbers, and gun-sissies that disallowing our 2A rights will put them in hot water, but they don't listen.  In fact, they are still under the ridiculous assumption that bad guys will see those signs and walk past those establishments to find those who welcome firearms.  After all, bad guys want to have gun fights with we who hit the range weekly right?


The story goes like this:  Idiot restauranteurs put signs on the windows disallowing guns.  After all, its Raleigh.  Duke is there, a college town, full of peacenicks and pacifists who are afraid of guns(they are so afraid of them, they spat on Vietnam Veterans as they came home from BEING DRAFTED).   Yep, those Bill Ayers types who were spitting on vets are now the primary influence in college towns.  Their influence is what got these restaurant employees beat up, and nearly killed, when 3 bad guys, wearing.....wait for it................HOODIES, entered and did a resistance-free stick up and robbed the place blind.


The restaurant is now offering a $2K reward for witnesses to come forward and identify the gunmen.  I hope those witnesses are more manly than the restauranteur and have guns....from what I've heard, snitches get stiches in the hood.  So if you are going to rat-out a hoodie wearing banger who just robbed a place with a gun, you may want to be packing yourself! 

Gosh, irony is a bitch isn't it?  Here's the news report in video for a good giggle: