This week, two extremely outspoken anti-gun Gun-grabbers came out swinging with both hands at the 2nd Amendment.  And when I say swinging with both hands, I mean they actually said “I wish the Gun-grabbers would come out against the 2nd Amendment”.  Let that sink in a minute or two before reading on.  Those are chilling words.  More chilling is that one is a United States Congressman from Minnesota, Keith Ellison.  He was sent to Washington, D.C. to speak for Minnesotans.  There are 163,758 Valid CCW’s in Minnesota at present.  There were 172,000 deer harvested there last year, with 135,000 turkey permits issued as well.  I won’t get into Wolf, Bear, and other permits.  Needless to say, Minnesota is vastly wild, and has a gun culture going back to the earliest days of its settlement.  Do you see Ellison’s statement as supporting the “will of the people” of Minnesota?  The second and more outspoken Democrat and $1M donor to Barack Obama’s campaign was HBO star Bill Maher, who hates religion, American exceptionalism, and claims to hate guns(though I am sure his bodyguards carry heavy artillery).  The chilling part of Maher’s desires I cover later on.  Rest assured, these sentiments echo in Democrat back rooms across this great land.  Many of them want our guns.  They see how silenced the citizens are in Germany, England, France, and many other European countries where multiculturalism takes precedent over the rights of the indigenous citizenry.   They see an opportunity.


It’s no secret Gun-grabbers don’t like guns.  They have successfully squashed the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens in many states, including Illinois for decades.  Rahm Emmanuel says “never let a good crisis go to waste”, and by golly, the gun-grabbers of the DNC takes that stance seriously.  No sooner are bodies cold from a mass shooting do the Gun-grabbers resume their all-out assault on the 2nd Amendment.  Interestingly, in all of the recent mass shootings(the past 20 years), they could have been stopped quite literally as quickly as they had started-with trained, armed people in place for just that type of scenario.  Additionally, each of the last three shootings were done by people with mental dispositions that were far from appropriate to pass muster to purchase guns. 


Rather than attack the root cause, which more often than not is mental instability, and readily available weapons stored in improper fashion, the gun-grabbers attack you and me: Law abiding citizens who follow the letter of the law, acquire our guns legally, practice their use more than most law enforcement officers do, and who store them in a safe and proper manner.  Interestingly, it seems the gun-grabbers’ fight is not about yours and my safety, but the abolition of public gun ownership altogether.  Of course, the very people who want that abolition of firearm ownership, ignore the constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights, which like the other 26 Amendments thereto, all Americans are born into, and  which cannot be infringed by the government, or a mob of subversives.

Simply put, Bill Maher is all for abolishing many other rights, not the least of which is the First Amendment, the one from which he earns a comfortable seven or eight figure income,  which depend fully on the 2nd Amendment to protect-but I digress.  This is about the 2nd Amendment, which by way of making us all a part of a well regulated and armed militia, guarantees the other 26.  No government would take up arms against a well armed citizenry.  Of course, around the world at present, in countries which have abolished wide ranging gun ownership, people are being jailed for speech crimes.  Believe it or not, in England, and Australia, you can go to prison for saying the wrong thing, or for upsetting certain religious groups by speaking out against them.  Yes, you heard that right, when the guns went away, so did free speech.  This is precisely why the left in America want guns off our streets.  Its not about Sandy Hook, or Aurora, or Virginia Tech.  It’s about silencing the opposition. 


This leads to Congressman Keith Ellison.  This man is of a religion that is rooted in fascism, so naturally he is not a conservative.  He believes the government should be based in his religion and be in total control of every American’s life.  To that end, he wants the Gun-grabbers to openly come out against the 2nd Amendment.  This hysterical view of guns in America is of course never going to work.  The “gun lobby”, or those who support the 2nd Amendment will pump billions into conservative campaign coffers should they believe for one second the Gun-grabbers will actually make that move.  Therefore, one must wonder, as these folks saber rattle time and again about guns, what can they do to you and me, and how can they take our guns?  The answer is simple, if you tell a friend about the importance of the 2nd Amendment, and direct them to a place like Red Dot Arms where they can be properly trained in firearms safety, storage, use, and defensive tactics-and where they can purchase a firearm, they will be helping ensure that the government never encroaches the 2nd Amendment, and thus the other 26 will remain intact too.  The 2nd Amendment is not about self defense.  It is about freedom, and personal liberty.  Self defense is merely a pleasant side effect of the forethought of our founding fathers.  

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