As Dan Cannon reports at one of our favorite blogs Guns Save Lives reports, a couple morons who were burglarizing cars in a neighborhood in West Palm Beach hit the wrong car.  The homeowner came out and confronted them.  Rather than running, they went toe to toe with the homeowner.


As I always say, its never a good idea to challenge someone you don't know.  In this case, the two morons attacked the homeowner.  Fearing for his life, he brandished his heater and swiftly dispatched one of them, 31 year old idiot: Aron Francis Bayliss.  And in good form, his buddy fled the scene, leaving Francis there to die.  The old adage, "there's no honor among thieves" certainly applies here.


While cops haven't found the other moron yet, they will.  Detectives will go through the list of known associates as they always do, and will eventually get moron number two into a lineup where the homeowner will ID him.  Then, its off to prison for life for Felony Murder, as a homicide occurred during the commission of their felony endeavor!

Sad for the bad guy's family, but good for the neighborhood.  There is one location the bad guys now know is protected by armed homeowners!  Good guys 1, bad guys -1.