At a gun show last week, the owner of RDA and I had a ball.  We talked to a bunch of his buddies, looked at everything from tactical knives to Thompson Sub Machine Guns, and everything inbetween you'd see at a gun show. 

But, I was taken aback by a sign on the door.  It forced us to leave our guns in the car, parked in a parking lot with 500 other cars, all with loaded guns in them.  Now, since I know everyone doesn't have a Bulldog safe in their car, those guns were easily accessible to any banger smart enough to walk around the parking lot with a pocket full of ball bearings(they break car windows quietly), and a seabag to make off with a few hundred hand cannons.  This is idiocy.  First of all, if a loon with a magazine full of FMJ .357 Sig were to walk in and ask to see a gun that matched that mag, at least 10 guys are buying the farm right?  Further, who better to provide security at a gun show, than all the attendees who are well-trained, well-practiced gun enthusiasts?  The answer is no one.  The average gun owner shoots way more than the average cop, and probably 100 x's as often as the average security guard.


Yes folks, stupid lawmakers are why our country is in a shambles, and why our economy is in the toilet.  They are also why law abiding citizens are being locked up for no reason, why cops can bust down our doors with impunity, and why the gun violence in our country is at an all time high.  Its those law makers who handcuff we law abiding citizens, while giving the bad guys a free ride to steal our guns, then go use them in armed robberies, drive-bys and other assorted violent crimes. 


So, it appears Florida law makers, in their Illinois-esque wisdom, also made it illegal to carry your concealed firearm into a gun show, and the bad guys got wise.   At a central Florida fairgrounds, the bad guys sat in their cars and actually watched guys disarm and put their guns in the glove-box, cause they hit four specific cars only.  Yes, there are actually some badguys who are able to read the newspaper, the law, and know where the easiest place is to go "gun shopping". 



Here's the video from the Fox news affiliate in that area.  This is not going to end well for the general public-this is a Walmart for bad guys(parking lots of gun-free zones).  Chipotle, and Jack In The Box are just two others, where patrons are sitting ducks, and where the parking lots will be full of cars that have guns in them.  God help us all!

From Fox 35:


FOX 35 News Orlando


FOX 35 News Orlando