The hypocrisy won't be lost on anyone, after reading this story To put it bluntly, the very people who want to disarm you and I  are not much on disarming themselves (see Barbara Boxer's stance on giving up her Glock).  But some of them, involved in criminal RICO's are sure to be out there, operating freely, without the FBI or ATF catching wind of their criminal activity.


It would sure be nice though, if we could go to sleep at night, knowing that career politicians were all in the business of politics for the sake of doing good by their constituents.  Lets just say, this particular sleazeball didn't feel he was making enough in his cushy job as a California Assemblyman, and sought supplimental income, through trafficking firearms and shoulder fired rockets to potential terrorists of the Al Qaeda sort. 


Lets just thank the lord that these guys were all caught, before they could hurt someone, or heaven forbid, bring down a jet liner filled with innocent people.  It is indeed a sad day, when in the last week, no less than five elected officials, one from right here in Illinois, are arrested for bribery/corruption, child pornography, and weapons trafficking.  If ever there was a time when you absolutely should take your rights under the Second Amendment seriously, this would be that time.


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