Red Dot Arms is proud to sell the Tavor product.  It comes from a bloodline of some of the finest weapons on earth.  This venerable company has been producing the finest firearms for tactical and defense use for 80 years.  You may recognize their most notable gun, the Uzi-which has been used by IDF and other forces around the world for decades, and has been widely used by the Secret Service here in the US(if you are old enough to remember the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan-you've seen them in the hands of Secret Service officers).

This new PDW is a giant step forward(as are all of the latest offerings from IWI/Tavor.  It offers a couple of different barrel variants, and of course comes with the 30 mag that IWI weapons all have standard.  It is easy to use, a dream to break down and clean, and has few moving parts to get gummed up for that tactical operation that involves sand, mud, rain, and salt water!

For us, its just a great weapon to have in the collection.  It's a lot of fun to shoot and with the ..556 chamber, is accurate out to pretty good distances, even with the shorter tactical barrel.  If you are looking for a new PDW for the collection, this is a well priced gun!  Check out the Tavor SAR Bullpup B16 Flattop at the store, or online.  We don't think we'll be able to keep these on the shelves for long!