We at Red Dot Arms are never happy when someone is killed, but we are relieved when the bad guy gets it, rather than an innocent, law abiding citizen-especially in their own home!   This weekend, a would-be home invader got his comeuppance when he broke into the home of a gun owner and paid the ultimate price.


While details are still a bit sketchy, it appears a bad guy picked a home at random and decided to break in, in broad daylight around 9am and that's when the fireworks were lit off.  The homeowner heard the noice, gunned up and pumped the guy full of at least one hole, which turned out to be deadly.


It is never fun to hear about someone losing their life, especially over material things, but we are glad to report the homeowner is safe, uninjured, and thus far, not charged with any crime.  The bad guys lose in this case, so for this week its good guys 1, bad guys 0.    WKRG News 5 has the video