We have all heard stories about Detroit.  Heck, I grew up there, and I don't visit.  The place is a vast wasteland, with few homeowners willing to stay in the neighborhoods now mostly empty and with houses being sold for as little as a dollar by the city, in a last ditch, desperate attempt to get folks to move into the Beiruit-like war zone. 

Personally, I won't drive by Detroit on I-95, for fear of catching a stray bullet shot by one of the many gang-bangers and drug delaers who rule the streets.  In fact, it is so bad, the Police Chief has encouraged residents who legally are able, to arm themselves, as the DPD is stretched too thin with the city's ongoing bankruptcy, and the rampant violence.  Additionally, with so many businesses gone, the people stuck there are desperate and will do almost anything to come across some dough, including home invasions, which are pervasive in most neighborhoods.


But, recently, three morons decided to tempt fate and found out the hard way, another resident has taken the Police Chief's advice and "gunned-up".  These clowns picked the wrong house, and that's where the story begins.  My Fox Detroit reports that two of the three brain surgeons broke a window and made entry into the home, but the home owner was waiting with a heater for them and a gunfight ensued.  The homeowner actually only hit the get-away driver while dumb and dumber fled on foot.  The driver drove off in a hurry and crashed into a home and was dead on the scene.



Fox 2 News Headlines

Moral of the story, we all have the right to protect ourselves. And frankly, if you don't this day in age, you are taking great risk. This is not a problem that is relegated to the inner city in Detroit, Chicago, or The Bronx. There is desperation nationwide and it will only get worse as the economy tanks further. Follow Dan Cannon's blog, and of course ours, for the latest news on all things Second Amendment, CCW, and of course for Red Dot Arms product offerings. We can train you, outfit you, and keep you sharp on the latest and greatest tactics to protect your home and family.