Red Dot Arms Illinois/NRA CCW Class was in session today, and I was there to take it all in.  The class was the first of two eight (8) hour classroom and range days that included the NRA's basic handgun training.  If you haven't ever taken the two NRA handgun classes(basic and intermediate), you are missing out on information that could save your life.  It was interesting for me to go back to the beginning, to be reminded of some things I had forgotten, or just ignored over the last 35 or so years since I first learned about guns from my father, who was an FBI agent in my youth.


The class was engaging, and was attended by about a dozen firearms owners who were there to qualify for their Illinois and a few other state's CCW certifications.  With this class, we get reciprocal hangun permits as out of state residents in about 31 or so states.  Once completed, and after applying for the two states (other than Illinois) out of state permits, one could almost drive coast to coast with one's gun.  There are additional classes offered by Red Dot that will enhance further your carrying rights, but for now, its just those mentioned.  You can get the full lowdown on our trainin page, as to all the states that apply, once you have Florida and Utah out of state resident licensure.  Its a great deal, as you get a great refresher in handgun safety, while earning the ability to exercise your 2A rights in multiple states. 


In retrospect, it is amazing to me, how much I just forgot over the last 35 years or so.  In fact, I thought I was an expert-and I am-I've been around firearms my whole life-and have used them in a quite a few "advanced" situations, where my life was at stake.  But sitting down in a class like this, and being trained by a guy who lives training, you realize just how much you aren't doing to be safe.  You realize how much you are doing that could endanger those around you.  And you realize that all that stuff you filed in the "I'm too smart for my own good" file is in the wrong file in your brain!  It should be front/center whenever you have a firearm in your hands, and it doesn't hurt to do a brush-up course like this once a year.  You won't regret it! 

Additionally to having my eyes pryed wide open by mistakes I have been making, I was also taught more about our offerings at Red Dot Arms.  First of all, the completion of the course at Red Dot for the Illinois CCW license, you are able to apply for the Florida CCW as an out of state resident.  This is key if you travel by car around the US, as there are no less than 20 states who recognize the FL license and give full reciprocity to those with the Florida CCW.  This means, with this one class, you can almost drive coast-to-coast without locking your gun in the trunk.  And, if you take this class, you get a major discount on the Utah license class, and that gives you reciprocity in nearly 20 more states.  If you live in Illinois you must do this class!  If you live in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, or Michigan, its worth the drive over to do the class.  Its inexpensive, and when you leave you have the full packet to send off to Florida-so for $119 bucks, you get your FL license, and reciprocity all over the nation.  While you are here, take our Utah class, and get most of the rest of the states covered too. 

I am so excited for the defense class tomorrow, I won't be able to sleep.  And tomorrow is range quals too-so we'll be putting our new found knowledge to the ultimate test.  For many in the class, including myself today, it was rudimentary review-but there was so much more.  The additional confidence I will have going forward is invaluable.  This class is a must for everyone who has a firearm in the home.   And of course it is a must if you want to legally carrry a handgun in Illinois and 37 other states! 

Check out our training page to book your IL CCW class today-I promise you won't regret it!