A bill has been proffered by anti-American, anti-gun zealot, Stormtrooper, Dan Kotowski (D-28), which will be a giant game changer for citizens, gun stores, and ultimately, for bad guys, as we will all be sitting ducks. 


You all know me by now to be a Second Amendment supporter of the highest order.  The Second Amendment guarantees our right to equalize government power, with equal/opposite force, through gun possession.  In fact, in two SCOTUS cases in the last 50 or so years, SCOTUS has specifically said we have the right to keep and bear the same arms as the government holds/uses.  Therefore, these magazine capacity bans are nothing shy of making us sitting ducks.  This is a simple issue folks, they (the government) have billions of hollow point rounds and fully automatic weapons.  We must have same. 


But ,the Illinois gun-grabbers are doing their best to take away the great equalizer and frankly that should terrify each and every one of you.  You will be sitting ducks when the police, the National Guard, and the full strength of the US Military will be the forces you will be pushed around by.  At present, they haven't yet started to go door to door, but if this legislation is passed, you will soon have a knock on your door, and it will not be in daylight.  Tell me, how often do you hear about no-knock warrants being served on little old men, families and other law-abiding citizens?  I'll answer for you-every week somewhere in America this happens.  And they don't say open up it's the police!  So, if you are in bed, and your door is suddenly kicked in, what do you do?  I go for the FNS9 and get ready for a shooting! 


These anti-gun freaks are of course going to write into the laws, just as Dianne Feinstein has done in the Federal Laws she has proffered, that they get to keep their full Second Amendment rights, while they arbitrarily steal yours from under your feet.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is where the rubber hits the road.  If the government has all the guns, all the ammo, and all the power, you will watch all of your god-given rights erode.  In England right now, you can go to jail for speech crimes, Australia too.  This is a dream come true for the thought police of the far left.  This is their end game.  This is your end, should you continue to elect the sociopathic fascists so pervasive in our government these days.  November approaches.  What are you prepared to do?