This year marks an historical time for The State of Illinois.  Through a Supreme Court of The United States ruling, Illinois was forced to offer its citizens the rights they were born with, and which were guaranteed under the United States Constitution: The right to keep and bear arms. 

Now, with a 16 hour class(two NRA handgun classes with Illinois CCW teaching too), you can qualify for a license to carry a concealed handgun on your person.  This is not to say that anyone can get licensed, as there are some disqualifiers, as there are in every state.  If you are a convicted felon, you won't carry or even own a gun anywhere in the US, but barring felony conviction and/or a history of mental instability, you can protect yourself and your family with a firearm, even when you leave the house or office.

To qualify, you must take the Illinois CCW class, which is a combination of NRA approved/designed handgun training, with the additional requirements of The State of Illinois included.  You get classroom and practical handgun training on the range with both revolvers and semi-automatic handguns. 

Upon completion, and with the proper documentation, which includes a background check and fingerprinting, you can purchase and carry a concealed weapon(s) at all times, unless in the areas the state has outlawed such a practice(establishments serving alcohol, schools, and other businesses/government properties who display a gun-free zone sign on their doors. 

So, to make it easy to sign up with Red Dot Arms for the class, here's the State of Illinois page link, where you can begin the process.  Then call Red Dot Arms, go to our webpage or go to our facebook page and you are off to the races.  Classes for April are filling up fast, so get on it now, so that by May, you can be licensed, safe, and a responsible firearm carrying citizen!