It's happened again!  Jack In The Box, a publicized "gun free zone", having fallen to the extortion of Moms Demand, has been robbed by armed gunmen.  It didn't take long for the first four robberies to occur.  This, the fourth happened in Houston, TX, a decidedly blue bastion(Harris County) in the heart of Red Texas. 


This should surprise no one, and certainly doesn't surprise me.  In fact, I am blown away by the fact its only happened four times since old Jack publicly announced his restaurants to be gun free.  Bad guys around the country are licking their lips.....lets stop in for a burger and a bag of dough yo! 


So, according to 's edition for the Cleveland, TX area, a Liberty, TX Jack In The Box was knocked over in the middle of the night by an armed robber.  The guy walked in, brandished a gun at 2am and made off with an undisclosed wad of cash.  Now, the employees are sitting ducks, cause its a gun free zone, so if I worked there, I'd quit.  The patrons, dumb enough to walk willingly into a gun free zone are sitting ducks, as neither they, nor the employees are armed.  And everyone knows cops don't hang at Jack In The Box, they hang at Dunkin Doughnuts, so you are all alone if you frequent Jack's place.


What's even more terrifying, this isn't the first armed robbery at a Jack In The Box in the Houston area.  So, now that everyone knows Jack In The Box in Houston is a great place to make a withdrawal, imagine the slew of takedowns coming for their restaurants in Houston and beyond.


Caveat Emptor-let the buyer beware!  In otherwords, if you are going to go dine at Jack In The Box, may I suggest you buy yourself a vest?