As Dan Cannon over at Guns Save Lives shares, it appears the weak minded, anti-American dirtballs over at Jack In The Box seem to have succombed to the fascists at Mothers Demand.  Oddly, it didnt' take much for the spineless leadership at JITB to cave in fully and disallow leagal permit holders to enter their restaurants with their legally purchased, legally carried, legally loaded firearms.  I don't know about you, but I don't go to restaurants where I can't be armed.  Something about the 40 minute response time to most 911 calls in most cities makes me a little nervous about doing it.  In the end, this fascist group: Moms Demand will be stopped.  But right now, they are going to press their fascist agenda by picketing, and destroying businesses. 

These people are like the same mafia who ousted the CEO/Founder of firefox for exercising his first amendment rights, and the same mafia who ousted the owner of the LA Clippers for exercising his rights inside his home(we don't agree with his views, but we will fight to the death for his right of free speech).  These folks are everywhere.  They think that if they cannot get their way through the system, they will spread their ideology through fascist actions, and through the quelling of yours and my rights to speak our minds, defend ourselves, families, and our nation from fascist tyrants, like those who would disarm you and remove forever your freedoms, granted you by god himself.


So, today, we give you our very first  Zero Of The Week.  Brian Luscomb, corporate communications guy at Jack In The Box, and his leadership get the cake, the party, and the trophy.  Morons, who think it is okay to steal your rights, as enumerated in the Bill of Rights, morons who are giving their employees an unsafe work environment by putting a big sign on the front of their restaurant that says "rob us, we're are our patrons".  Yes America, this is what it has come to.  Moms Demand making the very restaurants their kids go to, unsafe.  Need I remind them or any of you, of the Browns Chicken Massacre here in the Chicago suburbs?  Jack In The Box, you are dead to me!