You know me, I love to say I told you so, where common sense is cast aside for idiocy by gun-whimps around the country.  The case of Jack In The Box was the first "Gun-Free Zone" declaration I wrote about.  My prediction was carnage.  Now, to date, no one has been killed in a Jack take down, but it will happen.  That of course bothers me tremendously, but I am a realist-I know what happens when bad guys get free reign over cash registers and patrons who are unarmed, and ill-equipped to defend against gun weilding sociopaths.


This week has been an active one for those very sociopaths.  They've stolen guns from cars at gun shows(where patrons aren't allowed to be armed) and they've knocked over restaurants coast to coast, who publicly declared their premesis to be gun-free.  Jack has fared worst, with not one, not two, but three armed robberies.  This is three lessons ignored.  This is three instances where the patrons and employees are very lucky to be alive. 


Bad guys rarely have well cleaned, new guns, which they take care of.  They generally have old stolen guns, in poor repair, are untrained, and of course have a lot of adrenalin flowing when they are doing a robbery.  Thus, they have "itchy trigger fingers" and often shoot their robbery victims.  So, don't be surprised when employees and patrons of declared "gun free zone" businesses start dropping like flies. 


I personally don't take my family to businesses who openly declare themselves "gun-free", for that reason.  I personally don't want to be the victim of a shooting, and as the patriarch of my household, it is my duty to protect my family.  That doesn't start with my carrying a concealed weapon.  It starts with me keeping my family safe from bad guys in the first place.  We stay out of certain areas in Chicago and the burbs.  We have a security plan at home.  Our kids aren't allowed to roam the streets alone, and we don't patronize gun free zones.  And as the news spreads of the bad guys catching on to the sitting duck scenario at "gun free zones", I am sure many of those businesses will either reverse their gun stance, or will perish due to lack of patronage.


In any case, this is yet another cautionary tale of where to go and not go for a greasy burger, a "mexican" dinner, or any other quick eats.  If the "Gun-Free" sign is on the front of the business, stay the hell out of it, and you'll live to see another day!  


Read the story of the robberies here from Dan Cannon's Guns Save Lives Blog, and get the full skinny on the locations where these robberies took place.  And stay tuned-there will be many, many more.  This is only the beginning.  The bad guys are getting wise.  And they will strike often, and they will commit extreme violence.  Don't get caught in the middle of it.  Get your CCW/CCL permit.  Get trained.  Protect yourselves.  The economy will get far worse before it gets better and poverty leads people to make bad decisions, and to commit violent crimes.