Lets face it, The Garden State is not the nicest place on earth.  They gave us Snookie, and the stench from Bayonne can be smelled all the way in Philly.  But, there are a lot of nice people living there, who will now be less safe, having been restricted to just 10 rounds in their firearms, while the bad guys can have an unlimited capacity mag in any weapon they want.


This isn't just stupid, this is lunacy.  When legislators legislate away our rights, they help only criminals.  Cause, lets face it, when have you heard a criminal say "I need to go get my gun permit" or "I better turn in these 30 round mags, cause they are against the law now".  Yes, there's a reason these morons become politicians-its because they are too stupid to have regular jobs!  Ever notice that when a real businessman/woman runs for office, they are beaten out by career politicians?  Read my piece about career politicans at The Daily Pamphlet for my take on that, but I digress.


With this new legislation, the average citizen in Jersey will now be relegated to 10 round mags, and if you are caught possessing one with a higher capacity, you are a felon (unless you are a liberal journalist like David Gregory of NBC News, then you can possess them without fear of prosecution).  From now on, if a badguy with an AK goes on a shooting spree, and heaven forbid he's armored up, you get 10 chances to put him down, then he turns the AK on you!  Ever been through a high-stress shooting class?  Getting 1 of 10 rounds on a bad guy who is moving, shooting, and when your adrenal glands are stuck open isn't an easy task.


That's not the only brilliant new gun-control legislation either!  They actually passed two new laws rendering their citizens sitting ducks!  The additional bill still makes it ostensibly impossible to transport your firearm without becoming a felon.  So in Jersey, if you have a gun and don't have a CCL, you are going to commit a felony whenever you head out to the range, the gun shop to get some smithing done, or any other time you may transport your firearm, no matter how responsibly you do it. I would imagine a lot of folks are planning on leaving Jersey for good.  Hell, I wouldn't even visit the Garden State!


So, we have a second winner of Zero Of The Week-the New Jersey Legislature.  Great job gun grabbing politicians!  I am sure the mafia members you are so famous for counting as your citizenry are rounding up all their soldiers and switching out their 17 round mags for the lesser 10 round capacity magazines!  Idiots!