The news out of Oregon is grim.  A high school kid-a wimp, a sissy, with an axe to grind went into his high school today with a gun-ended up killing himself. 


How did America get to this point?  Well, its simple folks-parenting.  In this day in age, one can see who the real parents are!  the involved parents who I see on every field trip with my kids are the ones.  The parents who know where their kids are going, with whom they are hanging out, and what they are doing are the parents. 


On the flip side of that coin are the kids we all grew up with-well to do-parents jetting around, never home, buying their kids nice cars on their 16th birthdays to try to make up for never being at their soccer games.   These kids grew up to be parents, and they do the same thing.  Their children are watching Saw, and other murder porn movies at 9 years old.  They are watching Brett Ratner and Michale Bay movies with massive gun-play and explosions, and characters who feel no remorse when they pull the trigger, extinguishing the lives of other human beings.


Now, lets talk about the good parents again.  My kids know I have guns.  They know if they even touch my safe, they are grounded forever.  They are great kids-they know right from wrong.  We(my wife and I) don't let them watch violence on television, and we certainly don't let them play Grand Theft Auto.  Oddly, a child in my son's 4th grade class this year told me all about his GTA game playing every day after school.  He is a vacuous kid, can't sit still, and on the last field trip got in so much trouble, he sat in the security booth at Milwaukee County Zoo, while we finished our field trip.  Yes, that kid will be a violent felon by 18, probably younger.  Why?  Simple, his parents are absent. I've never seen them at a school function-in years, not once.


Right now, our country is faced with a major crisis, and it certainly isn't guns.  It is all the damaged minds that are in the heads of those who have somehow gained access to guns, knives, hammers, and other potential weapons.  It's the feeling of entitlement that all these damaged minds have been taught by those who also feel entitled.  And its the fact that someone gives them everything they want, no matter what it is, to avoid having to actually parent.


The gun grabbers on the left want Americans to believe that guns are the problem.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  Guns are only a problem in the wrong hands.  Guns are only the problem in those so desensitized from violence that they feel no empathy or remorse for others injury or death.  And that is what bad parents, and the entitlement mindset have taught all these kids.  It has taught them that they are somehow owed something by society, when all they are owed is a little oversight and love from their omni-absent parents who know not what they are doing, who they are hanging out with, or what problems they've developed while being raised by MTV, The Soppranos, and Grand Theft Auto. 

In the end, it is the fault of our society for turning a blind eye to these kids left behind by single parent households, absentee parent households, and the easy access to mega-violent content they can log into on the home computer, on the X-Box, or on HBO 24/7.  It is the fault of teachers for not notifying principals who don't notify parents of these kids anti-social behavior in school.  We hear about bullying that leads to children killing themselves nearly every month, yet in almost all the cases, the parents were not aware, and the schools allowed it to persist.  It is a case of incivility and people not being involved in their communities.


I saluted guys like George Zimmerman for being involved.  I disagree with his decision making-but at the same time, he was involved in his community.  I salute the hero Joe Wilcox who engaged the Vegas shooter yesterday, only to be executed by the lunatic's wife.  I disagree with his decision making, but I salute his selflessness.  It is that type of caring for the community around these types of people who risk life and limb to stand up for those around them.  And in the same breath, I damn those who allow these lunatics to continue to talk the way they do about overthrowing governments, murdering and beating others(T. Martin), using drugs, breaking the law, and bullying fellow students.  By not caring about those around them, they are in my mind, complicit to the victims' demise.


You have a choice every day when you wake up.  You can be a parent, a son, daughter, brother or sister.  You can be that guy who holds the door for the little old lady, or who stands up to the bully.  You can call the cops on the guy you see riding some little old lady's tail on the highway, or the guy who is silent.  You can be the one who sees a kid in your child's school who obviously needs help and call the principal and tell him/her.  Or you can stand by and hope that kid doesn't bring his dad's unlocked 9 to school and pray your child treated that kid well enough not to be a target.  It is a simple thing.  You can be human, or you can turn a blind eye. 


I like to think of the community of law abiding gun owners as the better half of that last paragraph.  Everyone I know who is involved with firearms is the type I would like to have as a neighbor.  They pay attention.  They lock up their firearms.  Their kids are clean when they go to school, and do their homework when they get home.  It seems that those of us who are meticulous about safety about our guns, are also meticulous about being involved politically, socially, and spiritually with our communities.   I am proud to be a part of the community.  I am also fearful of the labels that the leftist gun grabbers place on us, because of our belief in our rights.  I find it a great discomfort to know the other half, the anti-gun types are more often than not limousine liberals who are happy to give away our tax dollars to their personal projects, and are happy to give away our gun and speech rights, because they have enough to purchase for themselves and family, all of the above.  It is for this reason I implore each and every one of you to have your eyes open.  Get politically active.  Get socially active.  Form a neighborhood watch.  Look out for your neighbor's kids.  Make sure if you see something out of the ordinary you do something about it. 


It could be yours or my kid who is in the cross-hairs of one of these lunatics.  It could be you or me.  And it is all of the violence and hatred from those types that makes me an avid shooter, a  CCW holder, and a strong believer in our 2A rights.  It is for this reason I write today.  The country is being divided-its all part of the plan.  The gun grabbers in the current administration and all their minions of the mainstream media are going to pin this Vegas thing on "the right".  Joy Reid did today on MSNBC.  These two people weren't conservatives, they were monsters.  Conservatives don't believe in murder.  These people were Nazi anarchists.  The Nazis were far left socialists.  They disarmed their citizens.  This is the goal of our gun grabbers-to disarm you and me, under the auspice of "our best interests" and to protect us from ourselves.  In reality they are just trying to protect themselves from being tossed out of power by voters.  And unarmed nation is a nation of subjects, not citizens.  Do your part.  Be an involved citizen.  It starts at home by asking your child what he/she did and learned in school today.


I know this is outside the realm of my usual acerbic gun blogging.  But it had to be said.  It is time we rise up as a citizenry and stop falling for the division the gun grabbers are peddling.  We are all in this together, like it or not.  Their minions will get you and I turned on eachother if it's the last thing they do.  Don't fall for it.  In the end, we are all the same race-the human race, and we are all Americans first.  Don't let that change.