Philly bandits entered a Hess Station, dressed in a Hess "uniform" shirt and brandished a gun.  Somehow a struggle ensued, and the kid got shot in the head-luckily only a graze wound, but this author knows his ears are still ringing today, and may be for weeks(depending on the caliber of the gun). 


As we always say, being armed is not your right, it is your duty.  In this case, in a blue, gun-grabbing city where the bad guys outnumber the law-abiding citizens, and where the cops have become completely useless in fighting the escallating crime, this kid was another sitting duck.   Working the overnight shift, unarmed, this was bound to happen sooner or later.  And the criminals weren't as dumb as they usually are, or were they? 


The criminals, after shootiing and tying the kid up in a storage room, actually worked at the station, selling gas and sundries at discounts to all who entered(assumably their friends).  And then, they vanished, taking an unknown amount of dough, smokes, and probably gassing their own sleds for the journey back to their gang turf.  I'm assuming the register was relatively light on greenbacks, so they decided to work the counter and pump gas, so as to increase their haul, and that's why they stayed and worked!  The oddest bad guys we've seen in a long time.


We at Red Dot aren't into "cowboy" antics, and suggest that even if you are armed, don't struggle with other guys with guns.  It almost never ends well.  In this case, the kid should have let them take it all-it wasn't his to protect, and life is more important than a few hundred bucks and a few gallons of gas.  If you are in this situation and someone draws down on you, and you are strapped, then its obviously your call, but a gun in your face is usually a trump card, no matter how fast you draw.  So,at least wait til the guy turns away to take out your heater and turn him to swiss cheese!  In any case, judgment follows in the court of crimiinal law, public opinion, and in every case these days-CIVIL COURT.  So, think before you pull, as you just may be giving everything you own to the family of some rat bad guy, all for the crime of defending yourself! 

The old saying: He who turns and runs away, lives to fight another day" is especially applicable to gun fights.  As our instructors say at RDA, you never want to be in a gunfight.  If your gun has to be drawn, you want it to be a one sided shooting.  You live 100% of the time if that's the case, whereas gunfights have a habit of causing injury and worst case scenario, death.