Some of you may have heard this guy before, but if you haven't-he's bananas!  His threats and histrionics are well documented, especially in the realms of the most rabid gun-grabbers.  This week, Gun-grabber Mike Malloy went all the way around the bend, and actually threatened to shoot an NRA Board Member He didn't say "I would shoot this guy" or something relatively bland, he actually asked the NRA Board to send a member down to Georgia and he would shoot them.

As a guy who's been around guns my whole life(my dad was Navy and FBI), I was always taught that first and foremost, making threats was terroristic and illegal.  I was also taught that threatening to shoot someone was not only illegal, but goes against that which every gun owner is taught from day one.  A gun is for one thing, to kill.  And if you threaten to shoot someone, you are threatening murder.  In the process of defending yourself with a firearm, you know that you never talk about what you will do with the gun.  If it comes to having to use your gun, in a case of being in fear for your life, you shoot.  You don't talk, you take action.  This is a position that no one ever wants to be in of course, and one where your training will kick in, and where instinct takes over. 

When you hear a gun-grabber making threats like this, a number of things become obvious.

1) They have no training whatsoever.

2) They have never handled a gun in their lives-and they don't grasp what the ramifications of threats are.

3) They take lightly the responsiblity that we gun owners/carriers undertake when we carry.

4) They should never ever have a gun in their possession, if they take so lightly, threatening someone's life.

Terrifying that the gun-grabbers take this kind of thing so very lightly.  And frankly, if you are like me, you hope and pray you never come across someone like this who is in possession of a firearm.  They cannot be trusted.  They are unpredictable, and they are a danger to our society.  This is the type of person capable of very bad things.  This is precisely why I am a firearm owner, and why I carry!  If you are not either, maybe its time to take a look at the CCW Laws in your area, and decide if you are comfortable not being armed, knowing there are lunatics like this running around who just may be! 


There are training classes everywhere in the country, and here at Red Dot Arms, for the home, for CCW, and for tactics.  There's no time like the present to protect your family!