To Mark Ruffalo, Shannon Watts, And Other Gun Grabbing Sociopaths: 

I am never surprised when a person of liberal leaning wants to take my guns away. It stopped surprising me a long time ago. But, I'm always a little surprised with the level of ignorance of folks like Ruffalo, Watts, and others who think that gun control is the answer to idiots leaving guns out where their kids can get them, or to gangbangers killing themselves, or to lunatics like this wuss in Santa Barbara who had everything given him by his parents, but it still wasn't enough.  At the end of the day, we have a mighty military, and those guns on the streets are the only thing between us and tyranny. Oh, I know, the lefties will cry foul over that statement. But, those folks who disagree should take a look at The United Kingdom, who disarmed their people a decade ago, and now regularly jail them for speech the government deems “indecent.” They should also look at countries around the world who routinely execute sorcerers, witches, and those who speak out against their governments ( China, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, many African nations and Russia). Those are just a few places where there is strict gun control. Add to that, the fact that in the nations where guns have been outlawed in the West, like Australia, UK, and others, violent crime did not fall. Murders by gun may have, but overall violent crime stayed steady. One can also look at statistics for home invasion, and other personal attack types and see that there has been an increase-why? Because people have been disarmed.


I know it is easy for someone with $400 million in the bank to demand that there be total gun control and disarmament of civilians, because they have highly secured homes, homes in neighborhoods away from where the real violent crime takes place, and they have the ability on short notice, say when the government decides to put soldiers on the street, to jump in a Gulfstream 550 (which they own) and fly to safe haven-probably the same safe-haven where they keep their money! In fact, I’d venture a guess that Ruffalo and other Hollywood liberals who share the same view on guns, have enough dough stashed in various jurisdictions around the world, to avoid our ridiculous tax structure here in the States, and for just that crazy day when the doo doo hits the fan here at home-and a gun-grabber in the White House declares Martial Law.


In the end, it’s easy to demand guns go away. It’s easy to see a shooting on the nightly news and say guns should be outlawed. But, for every violent crime where a gun is used, a violent crime is stopped with a gun-often times in the hands of a CCW holder, or a homeowner who stops a guy from killing his/her family who has broken in with the intent to do harm to them (70%+ of home invasions are done for the sake of committing violence, not burglary). In the end, people like Ruffalo and Watts have bevies of bodyguards who use firearms in the discharge of their personal protection duties, covering Ruffalo and Watts, wherever they go, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Furthermore, they (the Ruffalo & Watts) live in communities that generally have their own private armed security forces, security gates, and don’t have to rely on the police to respond at a moment’s notice when their families are in jeopardy (which cops don’t do anyway-try 30 minute response time on average nationwide).  One can do a google search on Watts and see the armed thugs who shadow her whenever she is in public.  She's in league with Mike Bloomberg now, and we've all read about his thug security force, and their physical attacks on reporters attempting to ask the former Mayor questions.  Watts' security guys roughed up The Blaze's Dana Loesch recently in Indianapolis.   We unwashed masses in flyover country (as Katie Couric called us) don't have a few hundred grand in discretionary income to cover personal security yearly, so we must arm ourselves.


I would ask Mark Ruffalo and any other fabulously wealthy rock star, movie star, or limousine liberal politician, to go take a drive through some rough neighborhoods near their gated communities of castles most people don’t even dream about living in. When they get there, go walk around, without body guards. First, they won’t. That would be incredibly stupid and very dangerous. Then ask themselves if they would like to live there, without bodyguards, without gates and private armed security contractors, and lastly, with gangs threatening their wives, children, and neighbors, without being armed in any way shape or form, all the while knowing the bad guys all have guns. Additionally I would ask Mark and others, what they think the government would be afraid of, were the 200+ million guns Americans now possess,  suddenly gone. I would like to hear their answer as to whether or not lunatics like Harry Reid and John McCain could be trusted not to take more of our civil rights than they already have? Right now, the government can take you in the night, never to be heard from again. They need no warrant. They need no real reason, other than claiming you are dangerous to America. Right now, they can, with Obamacare in full swing, decide if you get the surgery you need to repair your heart, and if they want to bar you from traveling to another country. What’s to stop them? GUNS! That’s what. The American public has guns for a reason. To even the playing field. They are the great equalizer.  They are the only thing standing between us and tyrants taking the rest of the Rights enumerated in the Bill Of Rights. 


Mark, if you think the government wouldn’t become an immediate danger to you and me if guns were gone, then you haven’t studied much of the history of this crazy world we live in. Ask a Jew who’s family was wiped out by Hitler. Ask an Armenian who’s family was decimated by the Ottoman Empire if they would have had a chance if they weren’t disarmed. You can’t throw a dart at a world atlas and not hit a country where the citizens at one time were disarmed and destroyed. The United Kingdom easily invaded and stole India from its citizens with 10,000 men and long rifles Mark. It doesn’t take more than an hour of reading history to know that gun control is maniacal ceding of all of your civil rights to the Government. I promise you, when your Second Amendment rights go away, so go your First Amendment rights. And while you have already made a fortune exercising your First Amendment rights, I don’t think you want to take that opportunity away from the young men and women with posters of you on their walls, and who have spent their allowance, their grocery bagging money, and their beer money to go see your films. As for the morons who leave their guns out for their kids to find and play with-they should be jailed. There needn’t be more gun control to accomplish that goal. And while firearms accidents will always be a part of a society who have guns, we have accidents in the military with them all the time, on police forces (very, very often in fact), and in the process of hunting. That doesn’t mean we take guns away from Marines and Cops. It just means that human beings make mistakes-and while it is tragic they do so with firearms, I see stories of dead kids on the news all the time, who fell out of windows that weren’t child proofed, who get run over by siblings who found their parents’ keys, and other terribly tragic stories that make me as a parent very angry. I don’t immediately demand cars, windows, snow mobiles, and kitchen knives get banned! I demand that my fellow Americans pull their heads out of their asses and take the job of parenting seriously. Demanding those things be banned would make me crazy Mark-see my point? demagogueing gun control makes you look less than intellectual, and more like a hysterical leftist who is in on the con to turn this country socialist. And, given your vast wealth, I doubt you want that right?


So, when you demand my rights be decimated, because a family and a police force did not do their jobs where this Santa Barbara lunatic are concerned, you are basically saying that every American should not be protected, because some folks allowed a sociopath to buy guns and ammo.  If that's the case, then you will be without protection, because when citizens lose their guns, your personal security force will too.  It will be cops and military with guns-and you and me fighting for our lives against the bad guys with our baseball bats and 9 irons.  Those don't work well in gunfights.  Lastly, the guy you helped put in office, Barack Obama, has multiple directives whereby the Military is cleared to be used domestically, against American Citizens.  If you think that is normal, then you are yourself, crazy.  Posse Comitatus has been thrown to the wind, and you and I can be arrested for subversion at any moment, by Republican or Democrat, for speaking out against our government, if we and our neighbors are unarmed.  At that moment, any movie you act going forward will be a propaganda film for the G.  Is that how you want to make your living?  I didn't think so.