When Forest Park Georgia received a letter from the cult started by then NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg soliciting him to join the cult and drink down some kool-aid, The Honorable David Lockhart had some choice words for the group.  This eloquent letter sent back to Bloomberg and company tells it like it is.  In no uncertain terms, he destroys the group, and shines light on the fact they are doing absolutely nothing to get illegal guns off the streets.

This group-led by the man who outlawed salt in foods in NYC restaurants, and outlawed large sodas, is nothing more than a group tasked by someone higher than they, to aid in the gun-grab undertaken by fascists on the left who really want to disarm all citizens in America.  This is nothing new-from The Brady Bill, to NY, CT, NJ's new laws that turn ordinary law abiding citizens into instant felons.  So, letters like this restore our faith here at Red Dot Arms, that we are not alone in the cause of protecting 2A rights, and ensuring our fellow citizens maintain not only the right to keep and bear arms, but the rest of The Bill of Rights, which will be eliminated if the great equalizer (2A) is revoked. 

This my friends is what we call having a spine, and being a true patriot:


Mayor David Lockhart to Former Mayor Bloomberg's "Mayors Against Illegal Guns"

"I do not support your efforts. I oppose efforts to require private sellers with minimal sales (non-dealers) to perform background checks. I am proud that gun shows are regularly conducted in Forest Park.

If you really want to reduce illegal gun sales, perhaps your energy would be better focused in petitioning the BATF to end its illegal gunwalking. Because of Operation Fast and Furious, Brian Terry was murdered with a weapon sold by our own government.

Your organization claims that the goal is “protecting the rights of Americans to own guns, while fighting to keep criminals from possessing guns illegally,” yet none of your “Coalition Principles” further any such protections. One of the principles is to “keep lethal, military style weapons off our streets.” First, I am awestruck that you would focus on “lethal guns.” It seems that guns’ lethality is the point of their design. That you believe a gun’s “military style” makes it more lethal is asinine, and however you would define such style does not make guns so designed illegal. Your stated goals–protecting legal ownership and eliminating criminals from illegally possessing guns–are belied by your specific objectives. What you propose would convert what is currently legal possession into criminal behavior. You may have fooled other mayors, and you may have other fools who agree with your actual objectives, but you haven’t fooled me.

That your organization was founded by Michael Bloomberg, who criminalized the sale of sodas of a certain size, is telling. It is impossible to believe such a man is really concerned with the protections afforded by our Constitution."


I so wish this man were the mayor of my town.  I hope that my mayor shares the same belief in our constitutional, God-given rights.   Maybe it is time we start holding our mayors accountable?  Maybe we all need to query our mayor's offices with simple letters, asking if they support our right ot keep and bear arms?  I  have already penned my letter.  If you do the same, forward them to our webmaster so that we may share them with our readership.  We look forward to hearing from you all!