We had to go all the way to the United Kingdom to catch wind of this update on the story I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  If you remember, a motorist hit a young boy who ran out into traffic and being a good citizen, stopped to render aid.  At once, a mob of Detroit's very own criminals and thugs attacked him and beat him almost to death. 

That's when Deborah Huges, a retired nurse broke out her carry piece and saved victim Steve Utash's life by threatening the out of control mob.  She saved his life that day, and now a half dozen or so criminals are facing a judge.  They have made all the standard pleas to the court, I'm sorry, I pray for the victim, the usual hogwash.  This was nothing more than a group of people looking for a reason to harm another human being.  And this is precisely why I carry.  You never know when a mob mentality, fueled by hate, by racism, or by just the intent to do harm and commit crimes will occur. 

I find it appalling that we must get news like this from overseas sources.  The mainstream media in this country is on the side of the gun grabbers.  Their ideology is in step with those who want the Federal Government (and criminals) to be the only persons allowed to have any form of firearm.  This is what is wrong with our country-the insane are currently running the assylum.  it is time to take a stand.  send this to everyone you know.  This is another shining example(one of 1 million per year) of a gun doing good, and saving two lives. 


Mr Utash is alive todeay because Ms. Hughes took a stand to save his life, and that of the little boy laying dying in the street.  No ambulance drivers/medics would have gotten out of their vehicle to render aid with a mob committing felony assault in full swing.   We at RDA iimplore everyone to live up to their duty as free citizens in this wonderful country, where we still have the protections of a constitution that hasn't been destroyed.  Come and train with us.  Train with a local training academy in your area.  Get your license to carry a concealed weapon.  The more people who carry, the less violent crime there will be.  This is proven again and again.   And while you are sharing this story with friends, ask your local news outlets why they don't cover this story.  Are they afraid of being called racist?  Are they afraid they will damage their gun grabbing plans?  People should know when guns save lives.  They save a lot more people than are killed by them after all.


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