As always, the Second Amendment is under extreme fire(pun intended) from all sides, as the gun grabbers ramp up their rhetoric ahead of the veto or signing of more than a dozen new gun laws in NJ, scheduled to happen in the coming days.  Nohwere is it more evident that they want to remove our ability to fight tyranny and/or to protect our familes than with the lunatic Executive Director of Heeding God's Call, Bryan Miller.

This week Miller called everyone who possesses a magazine with a capacity of more than ten rounds, a gangster or terrorist.  Of course, it is Jersey, so there are some gangsters with those magazines(didn't you ever watch The Soppranos?), but there are also a few hundred police forces, sheriff's departments, DEA, FBI, Treasury, ICE, and security companies who employ magazines of greater capacity than ten rounds.  In fact, ask any police officer who isn't of the gun-grabber mindset, what you need to defend yourself, and he/she will tell you a semi-auto handgun that has a high capacity magazine, so that if you miss your target, you have more opportunities to hit it.  In fact, every firearms training outfit in America will tell you the same thing.  In a high stress situation, more often than not, unless you are trained like we are, you will have the shakes from adrenal flow, and you are going to want to be able to put a lot of lead in the air.  Additionally, if there are more than a couple of assailants, and they are wearing any type of body armor, you won't know they are armored up, until they don't drop from the first round or two.

And if you think body armor isn't something that bad guys have, you should watch the video of the North Holllywood bank robbery gone bad a few years back, where the cops put over 300 rounds on the two assailants who were heavily armored up, and it wasn't until one of the officers put rounds into the guys' ankles under a car, before they went down.  So, there are many arguments for higher capacity mags.  Lastly, at night, defending your family, the first thing you don't do is turn on all the lights so the bad guys can see you.  And no matter how much low-light training you have, you are going to miss-and miss often.  So, the backup of a 15-20 round mag is going to not only save your family's life, but is going to make you more calm.  You don't have the panic of running out of ammo. 

So, as you read this and your blood boils, remember these people are hysterical, are not trained, and based on their repeated statements in the press, they are ignorant to the real life world of firearms, of what the bad guys have, and of what our law enforcement agencies use across the country.  It is what it is, gun grabbing for the purpose of disarming the public....and when they do that, the only ones left with guns are the bad guys.  Write your Representatives in DC, tell them to back off.  Join the NRA.  Help keep your Second Amendment rights to maintain arms that are up to date, and up to snuff with what the government agencies use, as that was the intent of the framers when the 2A was penned.