As a Second Amendment dependent business, in a Second Amendment dependent country of free men, we take great offense to former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's veiled attempt to destroy The Second Amendment.  It is in that spirit, we implore you to join the NRA if you haven't already, and you'll donate to their fund to fight Bloomberg and his gun-grabbing cronies.




This is not a small issue.  This is life or death in the real sense.  If the Second Amendment goes, so go all of your other rights, as there will be no equalizer for the citizens.  The government's power is only as great as the citizens' power.  We have power over our government ONLY beacuse of The Second Amendment. 



As I've written before, in many western countries, where guns have been taken away from the citizens, many of their other rights have vanished with their guns.  In Great Britain, they now jail people, most recently a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan for self expression (or as we call it, speech crimes & thought crimes).  Don't let that happen here.  We implore you to do whatever you can to help the cause.  Our lives all depend on The Second Amendment.  Our freedom is at stake.  Do not give Bloomberg and the government all the power.  Keep the balance, keep the equalizer, keep The Second Amendment!