Well, once in a while we have a story that just hits home.  I've been watching movies for decades where a bad guy goes jackie chan on someone's face with his pistol.  First, its always unrealistic, as someone getting pistol whipped with a heavy steel Smith & Wesson Model 19 Combat Revolver doesn't get knocked out on the first hit, or their nose doesn't break into fifty pieces.... Then, these guys are always doing the beating with the gun, and their finger on the trigger.  No one ever gets shot accidentally in the movies.  Well, in real life, its a bit different.


The story from Deadline Detroit has a similar response as mine.  Its sort of a "finally it happens" attitude.  And it happened big.  The two assailants were beating a man at the corner of St. Mary's and Elmira.  As the one moron was working over the victim with his pistol, and with his finger inside the trigger guard, he squeezed off a round.  That's when god stepped in and the latest addition to the Darwin Awards was crowned.  The cohort, standing by watching the beating and undoubtably cheering on his buddy took a round to the neck and was swiftly dispatched.


Moral of the story?  Well, for you bad guys, if you are going to pistol whip someone with your finger on the trigger-you are going to shoot someone, maybe your partner in crime.  For you victims in Detroit, God won't always be there to save you!  You need to get your Michigan license, and if a couple of homeboys with guns approach you, make it a one way shooting, so that you don't get your face mangled with a handgun, or get shot.   


There's a reason we all support 2A and we all carry-its so that morons with guns can't hurt or kill us.  And in Detroit, where there are miles and square miles of empty, abandoned houses, and little to no legal commerce, the bad guys are at a level of desperation that means you should just move to Jackson, or Lansing, or hell, go to Toledo-its safer than Detroit now!  And if you must stay, may I suggest a GLOCK 19 or an FNH FNS9 with 17 round mags?