18 year old thug DeJuan Coleman is in the hospital after being shot twice by a pizza delivery guy he tried to rob, after hitting him in the head with a hammer.   Police in Buffalo, NY have reported the incident to the news and its a harrowing story that usually plays out differently.  It seems Mr. Coleman was under the impression that hammers are good weapons to bring to gunfights and found out the hard way that there's no gunfight when there's only one gun-just shootings.


When the pizza delivery guy got to the residence he was sent to with the pizza, he entered and was met in the hallway by a man with a ski mask on weilding a hammer, who hit him in the head with the hammer while attempting to rob him.  The bad day for the bad guy started at the moment he struck the pizza guy with the hammer.


The long and short is this-the pizza guy was strapped and unloaded on the guy with two rounds at very close range, rendering him badly wounded, and unable to complete the robbery.  Good guys 1, bad guys 0.  DeJuan Coleman is now recovering in the hospital, handcuffed to the bed, so he can recover enough to be transferred to jail where he will spend a long time upon being convicted of First Degree Robbery.  The moral of the story, never bring a hammer to a gunfight! 

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