The NY Post has an interesting article this week, whereby assessments are made by some eggheads as to how we may potentially disarm the crazies out there with access to firearms.  Of course, we American with brains are already familiar with gun safety, the use of trigger locks, safes, and proper storeage of firearms, so as to keep them out of reach of kids and the occasional lunatic who may break into our homes.


But, what about the looney birds like the Aurora, Columbine, VA Tech, Ft Hood(x 2), Santa Barbara, and Newtown shooters?  Well, it's a simple answer-be armed.  We should all be armed.  And it seems a leftist at Harvard with a lot of sheepshins on his wall agrees with me/us.  In fact, he comes right out and says it:  "Potential victims need to be able to protect themselves".  Or as I like to say, gun up, cause not every family is like yours or mine, and they won't seek help for a family member who has a screw loose.  And since that possibility is omnipresent, we should all be armed.  You never know when an Obama voter with a gun is going to show up. 

I am ready 24/7.   And if you aren't, in the wake of all these whack jobs who are under psychiatric care, have had multiple contacts with the cops, and still managed to get their hands on firearms, then you just may be crazy too.  Get trained, carry a gun.  The life you save may be your own!   Self defense is a strong tenet of our country's framework.  It is what differentiates us from everyone else on earth.  While many countries have disarmed their citizens, we can still make a difference, and guarantee we are not victims.  Will you be ready? 

Read the full article at NYPost, and some interesting comments as always from our friend and colleague, Dan Cannon at Guns Save Lives.


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