RDA is a customer centric outfit-as you can tell by our blogs, our sales, our facebook page, our ladies only facebook page, our twitter page, and now with our forum.


This is part of our evolution we are quite excited about.  Our goal has always been to be a premier training and facilitation organization to help Americans maintain their 2A rights, and to be proficient in the use of firearms for all purposes-from home defense, to hunting, to sport shooting.  We believe that engaging our customers, potential customers, and like minded Americans, we can make a difference nationwide.


Our growth in sales, training facilities, and information distribution will continue with our redesigned website, which will include our blog, an additional offering we cannot yet announce, and other interesting and useful portals therein.  We will continue to engage you with all aspects of media, to ensure that yours and our Second Amendment rights are not infringed, so that you may protect your families as we protect ours, and to ensure America remains the freest country on earth.


Join us today and open an account on the form, the blog-and while you are here, take a look at our ongoing sales, our services ,and join the Red Dot family!  We would love to have you!